1/  New Wind                                   (Cormier,Hitzik)              4.04 
  2/  I Think of You                             (Cormier,Hitzik)              4.38 
  3/  Falling for You                            (Cormier,Hitzik)              3.20 
  4/  When We First Met                          (Cormier,Hitzik)              3.53 
  5/  Your Magic Eyes                            (Cormier,Hitzik)              4.58 
  6/  Call It Blue                               (Cormier,Hitzik)              4.43 
  7/  Sunnyface                                  (Cormier,Hitzik)              4.11 
  8/  Found My Groove                            (Cormier,Hitzik)              4.45 
  9/  Lessons                                    (Cormier,Hitzik)              4.27 
  10/ Lazy Bird                                  (Coltrane)                    2.59 

          Engineered by Tim Anderson and Guy Snider
          Mixed by Baker Bigsby and Bob Tucker
          Produced by Scott Hiltzik and Miki Coltrane
          Mastered by Geoff Sykes
Miki Coltrane: vocals; Ronnie Laws: soprano saxophone; Ralph Moore: tenor saxophone; Robert Hurst III: bass; Clay Jenkins: trumpet; Gene Burkert: ????; Alice Coltrane (10): piano; Trey Henry: ????; Scott Hitzik: ????; Munyungo Jackson: percussion; Christian Jacob: acoustic piano, electric piano; Darek Oles (10): bass; Bruce Otto: trombone; Ralph Penland (10): drums; George Stone: keyboards; David Tull: drums; Ravi Coltrane (10): tenor saxophone; Jim Hershman: guitar.

          1996 - Chartmaker Records (USA), 14470 (CD)