Disc one:
  1/  Am I an Epigram for Life                                                 1.40
        Divine Styler
  2/  Mars in Libra                                                            8.44
        Eddie Henderson
  3/  Karin's Mode                                                             7.28
        Jan Garbarek
  4/  Universal Conciousness                                                   5.00
        Alice Coltrane
  5/  The Gospel Come to New Guinea                                            9.55
        23 Skidoo
  6/  Henogenesis                                                              2.33
        Gil Melle
  7/  Internal Bleeding                                                        8.16
        Bedouin Ascent 
  8/  Twilight Zone                                                            1.27
        Norman Connors
  9/  The Satellites Are Spinning                                              3.28
        Sun Ra
  10/ 3.38                                                                     3.38
        Pop Group
  11/ Harry Lovett - Man Without a Country                                     4.44
        Stu Martin/John Surman
  12/ Bullroarer                                                               2.12
  13/ Milk Rock                                                                5.11
  14/ Rated X                                                                  6.49
        Miles Davis

 Disc two:
  1/  Equals                                                                   3.49
        Teo Macero
  2/  The Black Mystery Has Been Revealed                                      1.11
        Roland Kirk 
  3/  Beyond Games                                                             8.14
        Tony Willams' Lifetime
  4/  Bride of Sloth                                                           2.56
  5/  Goose and Lucky                                                          3.27
        Ry Cooder
  6/  Water                                                                    7.26
        Joe Henderson/Alice Coltrane
  7/  Rima                                                                     8.01
  8/  Brown Rice                                                               5.07
        Don Cherry
  9/  Drive Towards the Smoke                                                  5.03
  10/ New Power                                                                4.58
  11/ Science Fiction                                                          4.58
        Ornette Coleman
  12/ Attack Impulse                                                           6.21
  13/ Nobu                                                                     7.32
        Herbie Hancock

          Disc one track 4 recorded April-June 1971 at A&R Recording, New York City
            and/or at the Coltrane Studio, Dix Hills, New York
          Disc two, track 6 recorded at Village Recorders, Los Angeles, California,
            October 15-17, 1973
          Disc one track 4 engineers at Dix Hills: W. Barneke and Roy Musgnug
          Disc one track 4 engineer at A&R: Tony May
          Disc two, track 6 engineered by Rick Heenan
          Disc one track 4 mixed by Tony May and Ed Michel
          Disc one track 4 produced by Alice Coltrane and Ed Michel
          Disc two, track 6 produced by Orrin Keepnews
          Compiled by Kevin Martin
(Disc one, track 4) - Alice Coltrane: harp, organ; Jimmy Garrison: bass; Jack DeJohnette: drums; John Blair, Julius Brand, Leroy Jenkins and Joan Kalisch: violin; (Disc two, track 6) - Joe Henderson: tenor saxophone, alto flute, flute; Alice Coltrane: piano, harp, tamboura, harmonium; Kenneth Nash: wood flute, congas, North African sakara drum, Chinese bells, African bells, Indian bells, gongs, percussion; Charlie Haden: bass; Baba Daru Oshun: tabla, percussion.

String arrangements on disc one, track 4 by Alice Coltrane
Transcriptions on disc one, track 4 by Ornette Coleman

          1996 - Virgin Ambient (UK), AMBT12 (2CD)


Running the gauntlet of not just fusion but such ignominious genres as Third Stream, soundtrack, and acid jazz, kowtowing to pretenders, meddlers, mooncalves, and schlockmeisters like Jan Garbarek, Teo Macero, Alice Coltrane, Norman Connors, and a panoply of pseudonymous English cyborgs on the order of Divine Styler, this obscurely annotated double-CD is the great lost testament of late Miles--cacophonous, futuristic, swinging-to-spacey variations on everything he thought he was doing between Bitches Brew and Agharta. Connecting up the mind-to-the-wall charge of early Mahavishnu and Tony Williams Lifetime, it ought to demonstrate the obvious to technomancers the world over--raid jazz for avant sounds and leave its beats for hip hop to sort out. In fact, it proved so indigestible that in its native U.K. it vanished without notice. I hear Other Music imports them by the single unit. If you find one, don't let go.


Robert Christgau (courtesy of the Village Voice website)