1/  Shoah                                      (Bernocchi,Volpe)             5.02
  2/  Devozione                                  (Bernocchi,Volpe)             5.04
  3/  Dharma                                     (Bernocchi)                   5.17
  4/  Unioneillusione                            (Bernocchi,Volpe)             5.23
  5/  Ambush                                     (Bernocchi,Volpe)             5.22
  6/  Corpus - The Hallway of Shadows            (Bernocchi,Volpe)             11.34
  7/  Tutte le Acque...                          (Bernocchi)                   5.22

          Recorded at Greenpoint Studio, Brooklyn, New York, Verba Corrige Prod.,
            Milan and Bips Studio, Milan
          Engineer at Greenpoint: Robert Musso
          Engineer at Bips Studio: Paulo Mauri
          Produced and mixed by Bill Laswell
          Preproduction, executive production and strategies: Eraldo Bernocchi for
            Verba Corrige Prod.
          Material, Inc.: John Brown
Eraldo Bernocchi: programming, treated guitars, electronics, arrangements, sound design; Rino Della Volpe: vocals; Bill Laswell: bass, additional arrangements.

          1996 - Compagnia Nuove Indye (Italy), CNDL858 (CD)