1/  When                                       (Allen)                       8.01
  2/  Well                                       (Allen)                       1.27
  3/  Bell                                       (Allen)                       1.02
  4/  Boon                                       (Allen)                       1.08
  5/  Dab                                        (Allen)                       1.43
  6/  Gay                                        (Allen)                       2.15
  7/  Rude                                       (Allen)                       1.47
  8/  Disguise                                   (Allen)                       1.06
  9/  Pearls                                     (Allen)                       2.35
  10/ Bodigas                                    (Allen)                       0.57
  11/ Froghello                                  (Allen)                       2.40
  12/ Fasfather                                  (Allen)                       5.06
  13/ Smile                                      (Allen)                       9.08

          Recorded B.M.O. Studio, Willow, New York
          Produced by Daevid Allen
Daevid Allen: rhythm guitar, glissando guitar, vocals; Mars Williamson (9): bass saxophone; Cliff Cultreri (9): verbal inspiration; (1-13) Fred Maher: drums; Bill Laswell: bass; Michael Beinhorn: synthesizer; Bill Bacon: drums, percussion.

          1982 - Charly (UK), CR 30218 (Vinyl)
          1995 - Spalax Music (France), 14837 (CD)
          2005 - Charly (UK), SNAP 237 (CD)


Using tape loops from the sessions for New York Gong's "About Time", Daevid Allen toured the states performing this and other material. I believe that this is a document of that material, though I can't find information on the web. I can say that this contains some of his best singing and has a very rough DIY edge that fits very nicely with the contemporary cassette underground culture. They aren't "songs", more like snapshots of feelings and attitudes. His gnarly guitar tone permeates, and the lo-fi loops keep it placed in its specific time. This, and the EP "Don't/Stop" with David Tolley, exemplify his vocal skills.


dwhamster (courtesy of the Prog Archives website)