1/  Guapparia                                  (Bovio,Rodolfo)               3.39
  2/  Raggaria                                   (EB,Laswell,Della Volpe)      2.05
  3/  Dubbamonk                                  (Bernocchi,Laswell,Esposito)  5.30
  4/  Exodus                                     (Bernocchi,BL,Della Volpe)    7.21
  5/  Episode Noir                               (EB,BL,Della Volpe,Esposito)  4.54
  6/  Amparame Dios                              (EB,BL,Della Volpe,Esposito)  5.16
  7/  Insomnia Softness                          (Bernocchi,Laswell)           4.52
  8/  Gaza                                       (Bernocchi,BL,Della Volpe)    4.26
  9/  Set the Controls                           (Waters)                      6.04
  10/ Staje Sempre Qu'mme                        (EB,Laswell,Della Volpe,LEF)  6.50

          Recorded at The Place, Tuscany, Italy
          Main guitar theme on 10 and vocals on 5 recorded live by Marco "La Nonna"
            Posocco, Brescia, May 11, 2004
          Engineered by Eraldo Bernocchi
          Mixing and additional recording at Orange Music, Orange, New Jersey
          Mix Translation: Bill Laswell
          Mix Engineer: Robert Musso
          Assistant: James Dellatacoma
          Produced by Eraldo Bernocchi
          Additional Production: Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari and Raiz
          Ground Control and Logistic: John Brown
          Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper at Turtle Tone, New York City
Eraldo Bernocchi: treated guitars, programming, electronics; Bill Laswell: bass; Raiz: vocals; Lorenzo Esposito: vocals, electronics, programming; Antonio Denti: guitars (1,2,4,6); Paolo Mongardi: drums (3,10).

          2006 - Verba Corrige Production/Edel (Italy), 0170712VOL (CD)