1/  No Way Out                                 (Takahashi,Suzuki,Barakan)    6.44
        Something Wonderful Mix One  
  2/  Le Sang Du Poete                           (Takahashi,Suzuki)            6.30
        Graham Massey Pro 5 Mix
  3/  Une Femme N'Est Pas Un Homme               (Takahashi)                   5.26
        Aphex Twin Mix
  4/  Ark Diamant                                (Suzuki)                      7.24
        Ernie + Bert of React 2 Rhythm Mix
  5/  Inevitable                                 (Takahashi)                   7.43
        Fractal Form Mix
  6/  Mirrors                                    (Takahashi,Suzuki,Barakan)    7.55
        Bill Laswell Alien Mind-Screen Mix
  7/  Le Sang Du Poete                           (Takahashi,Suzuki)            7.27
        Graham Massey Aquanatal Mix
  8/  No Way Out                                 (Takahashi,Suzuki,Barakan)    2.48
        Something Wonderful Mix Two 'Dark Side of Sunshine'
  9/  Now and Then...                            (Takahashi)                   6.32
        Something Wonderful Mix

          Tracks 1,2,7,8 and 9 re-recorded and re-mixed at ‘FON’ Sheffield 1994
          Track 4 re-recorded and remixed at Boundary Low Studio, London 1994
          Track 5 re-recorded and remixed at Impulse, Tokyo 1994
          Track 7 re-recorded and remixed at Greenpoint Studio, New York 1994
          Engineer on tracks 1,2,7,8 and 9: Alan Fisch
          Engineer on track 5: Takashi Watanabe
          Engineer on track 6: Robert Musso
          Assistant on track 6: Layng Martine
          Tracks 1,8 and 9 remix and additional production by Something Wonderful
            (Kay Nakayama)
          Tracks 2 and 7 remix and additional production: Graham Massey of 808 State
          Track 3 remix and additional production by Richard D. James
          Track 4 remix and additional production by Ernie + Bert of React 2 Rhythm
          Track 5 remix and additional production by Fractal Form (Kay Nakayama and 
            Richard Morgan)
          Track 6 remix and additional production by Bill Laswell
          Original tracks produced by the Beatniks
          Directed by Kay Nakayama
          Planning and co-ordination by Shigeho Sugar Tajima and Office Changes
          Executive Producer: Katsuhiko Endo
          Mastered by Bobby Hata at Disc Lab, Tokyo 1994
THE BEATNIKS - Yukihiro Takahashi and Keiichi Suzuki; Shula (1): whispering; Bill Laswell (6): bass, beats.

          1994 - Chillscape/VAP Inc. (Japan), VPJC-31001 (Vinyl)
          1994 - Chillscape/Vap Inc. (Japan), VPCC-81059 (CD)