1/  Sawtooth                                   (Hawkins)                     2.20
  2/  Clockwork Dub                              (Hawkins)                     4.27
  3/  Alice In My Fantasies                      (Cook,Clinton)                2.54
  4/  Purged Specimen                            (Zorn)                        1.52

          Recorded May and June 1988 at B.C. Studio, Brooklyn, New York
          Engineered and mixed by Martin Bisi
          Produced by Bill Laswell
          Track 4 produced by John Zorn
          Mastered at Masterdisc by Howie Weinberg
Andy Hawkins: guitar; Gabe Katz: bass; Ted Epstein: drums; John Zorn (4): saxophone.

          1988 - Enemy Records (USA), EMY 12001 (12")
Note: The original versions or tracks 1,2 and 3 appear on Blind Idiot God's 'Undertow'; track 4 appears only on the CD version of that album.