1/  Open the Gates                             (Blood)                       7.29
  2/  Valley Dub                                 (Moore)                       3.01
        Twilight Circus
  3/  Life                                       (Fernando)                    5.21
        Roots Control
  4/  Off                                        (Sir Positive)                6.06
        Sir Positive
  5/  The Mystery of Shape Changing              (Laswell)                     5.36
        Bill Laswell
  6/  Over Half the World                        (Martine)                     4.58
        Layng Martine
  7/  Death & Resurrection in the King's Chamber (Scarab)                      4.20
  8/  Probe                                      (Nu Seeka)                    2.30
        Nu Seeka
  9/  U llllik annog m'I edud hciR Dub           (Charming,Major)              3.08
        Lovecraft Technologies
  10/ Dusk Til Dawn                              (Special Dark)                6.02
  11/ Holy Dub                                   (Harding)                     4.55
        Scotty Hard
  12/ Proton                                     (Martin,Cochrane)             6.24
        The Bug
  13/ My Dub Weighs a Ton                        (Fernando)                    5.34

          Track 1 recorded at The G., Crooklyn
          Track 3,10 and 13 recorded at The Sanctum, Crooklyn
          Track 4 recorded at The Bass Boutique, Cologne, Germany
          Track 5 created at Orange Music, West Orange, New Jersey
          Track 6 recorded at Studio 909, Seattle, Washington
          Track 7 recorded at The Other Side, Crooklyn
          Track 8 recorded at The Basin, Crooklyn
          Track 11 recorded at Hardwood Industries, Crooklyn
          Track 5 engineered by Robert Musso
          Track 1 produced and mixed by Tony Maimone
          Track 2 produced by Ryan Moore
          Track 3 produced by The Eye
          Track 4 produced by Sir Positive
          Track 5 produced by Bill Laswell
          Track 6 produced and mixed by Layng Martine
          Track 7 conjured bt The High Priest
          Track 8 produced and mixed by Nu Seeka
          Track 9 produced and mixed by Prince Charming and Philosophy Major
          Track 10 produced and mixed by Special Dark
          Track 11 mangled by Scotty Hard
          Track 12 produced by The Martian
          Track 13 reduced and jinxed by The Ill Saint
          Sub Command: SKZA
          Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper at Turtle Tone Studio, NYC
(1) Christian Duatresme: vocals, organ, guitar, dumbeck; Doug Scharin: drums; Tony Maimone: bass, synthesizers, effects; (5) Bill Laswell: sounds, beats, bass; (6) Layng Martine: bass, beats; Lori Goldstein: cello; Steve Moore: Wurlitzer, trombone; Gota: groove activator; Paul Pimsler: guitar; Jon Hyde: pedal steel; Kevin Goldman: voice samples; Daniel Tashian: keyboards.

          1999 - WordSound Recordings (USA), WSLP033 (2 x 12")
          1999 - WordSound Recordings (USA), WSCD033 (CD)


Further into the dub. Some Wordsound acts here, some folks like Bill Laswell, and some pals from around the world. The past few weeks I've been seeing some extremely well-deserved press on the whole Wordsound crew and the experience it kicks out, and this disc gives the reasons why.

Well, this is just the dub side of the works (or the "Crooklyn Dub Outernational" side, as the disc says), but it's more than impressive. What all the acts here show is that a genre or sound should be merely the starting point, not an all-inclusive and limiting structure.

See, this disc is all dub, and while there are elements that each track shares, often enough it would also be quite easy to say that no track sounds at all like another. The creativity is the thing, and this set has that. All that.

So don't think of this as merely another dub collection. This does come from the mighty Wordsound laboratories, after all, so you know the concoction is of the highest quality. Trust and ingest.

Jon Worley (courtesy of the Aiding & Abetting website)