1/  Subhuman                                   (Laswell)                     11.38
  2/  Crash                                      (Laswell)                     9.13
  3/  Scanner                                    (Laswell)                     12.21
  4/  Body Hammer                                (Laswell)                     4.27
  5/  Flatland                                   (Laswell)                     6.28

          Created at Greenpoint Studio, Brooklyn, New York
          Engineered by Robert Musso
          Conceived and constructed by Bill Laswell
Bill Laswell: sounds, loops, beats, bass, etc.; Robert Musso: processing, programming; Mick Harris (1): voice; Shin Terrai (2,4): voice; Peter Wetherbee (5): ambient sound recording.

          1994 - Subharmonic (USA), SD 7004-2 (CD)


I absolutely love this disc. I have bought it twice, as the first time I let a hardcore DJ borrow it and I never got it back. The fast tracks here like the first one on which Mick Harris is credited for the screaming vocal that introduces the beat work on a level of expulsion. I like to play the first song at the end of a night of spinning "ambient" records because it serves as a wonderful catharsis. The slower tracks are good too, not quite dub, but not quite techno. Was the track "Body Hammer" the inspiration for the Tetsuo movie by the same name? It seems an adequate soundtrack.