1/  Something's Got Me                         (Carson)                      3.48
      (Curse of the Voodoo Swamp)                Remix by Philip Steir
  2/  Something's Got Me                         (Carson)                      3.48
      (Album Mix)
  3/  Something's Got Me                         (Carson)                      3.59
      (Think Slick Mix)                          Remix by Anton Fier

          Recorded at Lori's apartment on Sixth Avenue in New York City
          Additional recording at Power Station, New York, Greenpoint Studio,
            Brooklyn, New York and the Knitting Factory, New York City
          Produced by Lori Carson
Lori Carson: vocals, acoustic guitar, background vocals; Brian Gocher: programming; Anton Fier: programming; Bill Laswell: bass; Chris Cunningham: sarod, ebow, guitar; Steve Bernstein: trumpet; Lydia Kavanagh: backround vocals.

          1997 - Restless (USA), PRO-096 (CD)