1/  You Won't Fall                             (Carson)                      4.38
  2/  Little Suicides                            (Carson,Fier)                 4.41
  3/  Down Here                                  (Carson)                      4.14
  4/  Black Thumb                                (Carson)                      4.53
  5/  Something's Got Me                         (Carson)                      5.31
  6/  Snow Come Down                             (Carson)                      4.35
  7/  Waking To The Dream Of You                 (Carson,Celli,Levin)          4.27
  8/  Fell Into The Loneliness                   (Carson)                      3.59
  9/  Your Side                                  (Carson,Chandler)             4.26 
  10/ Hands                                      (Carson,Laswell)              4.46
  11/ Breathe                                    (Carson)                      5.17
  12/ Take Your Time                             (Carson)                      3.45

          Tracks 1,3,7 and 8 recorded at Power Station, New York City
          Additional Recording on tracks 1,3,7 and 8 at Greenpoint Studios, New York
          Track 2 recorded and mixed at Greenpoint Studio, Brooklyn, New York
          Tracks 4,5 and 6 recorded at Lori's apartment on Sixth Avenue in NYC
          Tracks 4,5 and 6 additional recording at Power Station, NY, Greenpoint
            Studio, Brooklyn, NY and the Knitting Factory, New York City
          Track 10 recorded and mixed at Orange Sound Studios, West Orange, New Jersey
          Tracks 11 and 12 recorded at Water Music, Hoboken, NJ and at the 909,
            Seattle, Washington
          Tracks 1,3,7 and 8 recorded by Dan Gellert
          Track 2 recorded by Oz Fritz, Bruce Calder, Gary Rindfuss, Rich Costey
            and Matt Stein
          Track 10 engineered by Robert Musso
          Tracks 11 and 12 recorded by Joe Ferla at Water Music and Layng Martine
            III at the 909
          Assistant at Water Music on tracks 11 and 12: Wayne Dorrell
          Tracks 1,3,7 and 8 mixed by Dan Gellert
          Track 2 mixed by Oz Fritz and Matt Stein
          Track 2 digital editing: Andy Vandette
          Tracks 11 and 12 mixed by Joe Ferla
          Assistant mix engineer on tracks 11 and 12: Matt Kane
          Tracks 1,2,3,7 and 8 produced by Anton Fier
          Tracks 4 and 5 produced by Lori Carson and Anton Fier
          Additional production and remix on track 5 by Anton Fier
          Tracks 6 and 9 produced by Lori Carson
          Track 10 produced and arranged by Bill Laswell
          Tracks 11 and 12 produced by Lori Carson and Layng Martine III
          Tracks 11 and 12 co-produced by Joe Ferla
Lori Carson: acoustic guitar (2,4,5,9), electric guitar (5,11), vocals; Aiyb Dieng: chatan (1); Gabe Katz (1): bass; Paul Pimsler: acoustic guitar (1,3,7,8), electric guitar (12); Chris Cunningham: acoustic guitar (1,4,5,8), sarod (4,5,11), ebow (4,5), electric guitar (4,5), lead guitar fills (12); Larry Saltzman: lead guitar (1); Knox Chandler: bass (4,6), noise-boy guitar swells (4,6), ambient guitar (4,6,9), electric guitar (2,4,6,9); Irwin Fitsch: cello (1,7), piano (3,7,8), synth (3), Hammond organ (8); Tony Coniff: electric bass (3,7,8); Bootsy Collins (2): rhythm guitar; Anton Fier: drums (1,2,4,5,8), shaker (1), tamboura (1), programming (2,4,5), loops (2); Lydia Kavanagh (1,2,4,5,6,8): vocals; Rus Irwin: piano (6), Hammond organ (6), tambourine (6); Amanda Kramer (2): keyboards; Bill Laswell (2,5,10): bass; Nicky Skopelitis (2,10): 6 & 12 string electric guitar; Brian Gocher: programming (5); Steve Bernstein: trumpet (5,11); Lance Carter: drums (10); Lindsey Horner: bowed bass (11), upright bass (11); Gordon Raphael: Arp Odyssey (11); Layng Martine III: keyboards (11,12), loops (11,12), samples (11,12), low bass (11); Jon Hyde: pedal steel (11); Joey Baron: hi-hat and drum fills (12).

String arrangement on track 3 by Irwin Fitsch

          2003 - Restless/Rykodisc (USA), REST 73780 (CD)


Lori Carson's lack of huge commercial success is a bit of a mystery to those who have followed her remarkably prolific career. Her critically lauded catalog, consistently mined by producers for the big and small screen, has given her the wherewithal to continue following her own muse. While rich with solo wonders like "Hands" and "Your Side," Stolen Beauty is essentially a greatest-hits record that focuses on her contributions to television and film, as well as highlights from her stint as the lead singer for the Golden Palominos. "You Won't Fall" -- from the film Stealing Beauty -- creeps in like a storm cloud and produces a deluge of breathy harmonies and fingerpicked guitars that swell in time with her fragile voice, and the breathtaking "Little Suicides" echoes Tori Amos' best work without all the bloated pretense. Carson has a gift for unpredictable melodies, and it's songs like these that set her apart from the average singer/songwriter, despite their inclusion in shows like Baywatch.


James Christopher Monger (courtesy of the CD Universe website)