1/  Bugler's Dream (from Charge Suite) -       (Arnaud)                      0.55
        Leo Arnaud
  2/  Nothing's Gonna Stop You Now               (Wray,Reno,Dean)              4.03
       (Team Sports Theme) - Loverboy
  3/  Reach Out (Track Theme) -                  (Moroder,Engelmann,Zito)      3.44
        Giorgio Moroder
  4/  Courtship (Basketball Theme) -             (James)                       4.01
        Bob James
  5/  A Chance For Heaven (Swimming Theme) -     (Bacharach,Sayer,Cross)       3.44
        Christopher Cross
  6/  Moodido (The Match) (Boxing Theme) -       (Toto)                        4.41
  7/  Olympic Fanfare and Theme -                (Williams)                    4.06
        John Williams
  8/  Grace (Gymnastics Theme) -                 (Lubbock,Jones)               4.30
        Quincy Jones
  9/  Power (Power Sports Theme) -               (Conti)                       3.44
        Bill Conti
  10/ Street Thunder (Marathon Theme) -          (Jones)                       4.01
  11/ Junku (Field Theme) -                      (Hancock,Laswell,Dieng,Suso)  3.59
        Herbie Hancock
  12/ The Olympian (Lighting of the Torch) -     (Glass)                       3.17
        Philip Glass

          Track 11 recorded at Evergreen Studio, New York 
          Additional recording at Garage Sale Recording, Los Angeles, Studio Media, 
            Evanston, Illinois and Eldorado Recording, Los Angeles 
          Track 11 engineered by Rob Stevens
          Track 11 assistant engineers: Lothar Segerler Howard Seigel and Tim Dennen
          Track 11 mixed by Dave Jerden
          Track 11 produced by Bill Laswell and Herbie Hancock
          Musical supervision: Michael Dilbeck
          Production Assistant: Missy Alpern
          Produced by Jon Peters and Peter Guber 
(11) Herbie Hancock: Fairlight CMI, Rhodes Chroma, Yamaha DX7, piano, Memorymoog; Bill Laswell: bass, DMX , tapes; Rob Stevens: XMD, Praxis processing; Foday Musa Suso: Dusunguni, Kora, kalimba; Aiyb Dieng: talking drum, chantan, don don, cowbell.

          1984 - CBS (US), 26048 (Vinyl)