1/  Siberia                                       (Gordon)                      3.23
        Love of Life Orchestra
  2/  I'm Sorry I'm Such a Weenie                   (Kroesen)                     2.47
        Jill Kroesen
  3/  The World's Greatest Piano Player             (Tyranny)                     10.44
        "Blue" Gene Tyranny
  4/  I Ain't Afraid of Girls                       (Kroesen)                     2.26
        Ned Sublette
  5/  Drastic Classicism for Electric Instruments   (Chatham)                     9.08
        Rhys Chatham
  6/  And Now This                                  (Van Tieghem)                 5.13
        David Van Tieghem
  7/  You've Really Got a Hold On Me                (Robinson)                    3.41
        Kill Kroesen
  8/  Waiting For the Dawn                          (Gordon)                      3.38
        Peter Gordon

          Tracks 1 and 2 recorded at Aquarius Studios, Geneva, Switzerland and Right
            Track Recording, New York City
          Track 3 recorded at Aquarius Studios and Radio City Music Hall, New York City
          Track 5 Right Track Recording, New York City
          Track 6 recorded at home, P.A.S.S. and on location
          Track 7 recorded at Aquarius Studios, Geneva, Switzerland
          Track 8 recorded at Artisound, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
          Engineer at Aquarius: Jean Ristori
          Engineer at Right Track: Josh Harris
          Engineer at Radio City Music Hall: Don Hunerberg
          Engineer at Artisound : Dik de Graaf
          Tracks 1-6 mixed at Right Track
          Track 8 mixed at Artisound
          Tracks 1 and 3 produced by Peter Gordon and David van Tieghem
          Tracks 2 and 7 produced by Peter Gordon and Jill Kroesen
          Track 4 produced by Peter Gordon and Ned Sublette
          Tracks 5 and 8 produced by Peter Gordon
          Track 7 produced by Peter Gordon, David Van Tieghem and John Sanborn
          A production of Erick Franck, Kit Fitzgerald, John Sanborn and Peter Gordon in
            cooperation with the artists
          Additional support from The Kitchen, Stichting de Appel and C.A.P.S.
          Disc mastering by Tom Coyne/Frankford-Wayne
Peter Gordon (1,2,4,6,8): saxophones, synthesizers, organs, pianos, voice; David Van Tieghem (1,2,3,6): drums, acoustic & electronic percussion, marimba, synthesizers, shortwave radio, voice, whisper chorus; Randy Gun (1): guitar, voice, whisper chorus; Rebecca Armstrong (1,6): voice, whistling, whisper chorus; "Blue" Gene Tyranny (1,3): piano; Bill Laswell (1,2,3): bass; Ned Sublette (1,4,5): guitar, whisper chorus; Fred Maher (1): drums, congas; Jill Kroesen (1,2,7): piano, voice, whisper chorus; Tim Schellenbaum (1,6): whisper chorus, ????; Tony Machine (2): ????; George Lewis (2,4): trombone; Rik Albani (4): ????; J.D. Parran (4): ????; Joe Dizney (5): ????; David Linton (5): ????; Nina Canal (in absentia) (5): ????; Michael Brown (5): ????; Karole Armitage (5): ????; Art Becofsky (5): ????; Chris Komar (5): ????; Joseph Lennon (5): ????; Rene can Ast (8): ????; Jan Erik van Regteren Altena (8): ????.

          1982 - Antarctica (USA), ACR-6201 (Vinyl)