This album is a collection of Dance and Hip Hop songs by artists on the Celluloid label, featuring D.ST., The Last Poets, Shango, Material, Time Zone, B-Side, Tribe 2 and J.M. Nuriddin.

  1/  Home of Hip Hop - D.ST.                    (Showard,Johnson)             3.50
  2/  Get Movin - The Last Poets                 (Hadi,Worrell)                4.05  
  3/  Zulu Groove - Shango                       (Material,Bambaataa)          4.14
  4/  Mean Machine - J.M.Nuriddin & D.ST.        (Nuriddin,Showard)            4.41
  5/  For A Few Dollars More - Material          (Morricone)                   3.51  
  6/  The Wildstyle - Time Zone                  (Bambaataa,Henderson)         4.58
  7/  Change the Beat/Cairo Nights - B-Side      (Material,Zekri)              3.43
  8/  What I Like (American Dreams) - Tribe 2    (Material,Zekri,Fowler)       6.10
  9/  Megamix II (Why is it Fresh?) - D.ST.      (Showard)                     4.58

          Recorded at various places
          Produced by various artists
(1) D.ST: turntables, keyboards, lead vocals; Bill (the mystic) Graves: bass guitar; Cedric C.J. Jones: percussion; John Shanks: power chords; Infinity feat. King Pin Shahiem, Godfather K.C., The Flyest Boo-ski: background vocals; Rahiem: echo rap; (2) Suliaman El Hadi: vocals; Bernie Worrell: synthesizer; Aiyb Dieng: chatan, cowbell; Bill Laswell: DMX, AMS; (3) Olu Dara: cornet; Craig Harris: trombone; Bill Laswell: bass, percussion; Michael Beinhorn: synthesizer, DMX; (4) Jalaluddin M. Nuriddin: vocals; D.ST.: vocals, DMX, synthesizers, turntables; Bernie Worrell: Prophet 5; Bill Laswell: shortwave; Infinity: background vocals; (5) Henry Kaiser : guitar; Anton Fier : drums; Bill Laswell: bass, other stuff; D.ST.: turntables; Daniel Ponce: bata, bells; Michael Beinhorn: synthesizer, DMX; Robert Musso: acoustic guitar; (6) Afrika Bambaataa and Wunderverke: all instrumentation; Afrika Bambaataa, Amad Henderson, Motivator & B-Side: vocals; (7) B-Side: vocals; Phillip Wilson: percussion; Bill Laswell: DMX, bass; Michael Beinhorn: synthesizer; Roger Trilling: voice; (8) B-Side: vocals; Nicky Marroero: bongos; D.ST.: DMX; Jimmy Mac & Bernard Fowler: vocals; Nicky Skopelitis: guitar; Bill Laswell: bass; (9) D.ST.: tapes, turntables, synthesizer; Infinity (D.ST., K.C., Shahiem, Booski): rap.

          1986 - Celluloid (USA), CELL 6120 (Vinyl)
          1986 - Celluloid (USA), CELCD 6120 (CD)
Note: This record is also included in 'Trilogy', a three disc set from Celluloid.