Box set containing The Celebrate Ornette show in Prospect Park Brooklyn, June 2014 and the Ornette Coleman Memorial at Riverside Church in June 2015. Initially offered through Pledge Music and now on, this came in two packages.

The Deluxe set contains 3 CDs/4 LPs from the Prospect Park show, 2 DVDs containing the show and Coleman's Memorial, in a 1500 Hand-numbered Limited Edition First Pressing. Includes 24 page booklet including notes by Denardo Coleman, producer James Jordan, musician James Blood Ulmer, producer John Snyder, exclusive photographs and Ornette Coleman Poster from renowned Italian photographer Elena Carminati.

The complete DVD/CD Gatefold Collection Includes the 3 CDs, 2 DVDs and 24 Page Collectors Booklet.

  1/  Ramblin                                    (Coleman)                     12.45
        Ornette Coleman, Denardo VIBE, Savion Glover, David Murray & Henry Threadgill
  2/  OC Turnaround                              (Coleman)                     7.07
        Ornette Coleman, Savion Glover, Henry Threadgill, David Murray & Denardo VIBE
  3/  Questions and Answers                      (Coleman)                     3.29
        Bruce Hornsby & Branford Marsalis 
  4/  Blues Connotation                          (Coleman)                     4.50
        Flea, Henry Threadgill & Denardo VIBE
  5/  Broadway Blues                             (Coleman)                     7.30
        Flea, Henry Threadgill, David Murray & Denardo VIBE 
  6/  The Sphinx                                 (Coleman)                     11.13
        Geri Allen, David, Murray, Joe Lovano, Wallace Roney Jr. & Denardo VIBE
  7/  Seneca                                     (Smith,Kaye)                  5.00
        Patti Smith Group
  8/  Tarkovsky                                  (Smith,Sun Ra)                6.04
        Patti Smith Group 
  9/  911                                        (Coleman)                     5.49
        Ravi Coltrane, DV
  10/ Ornette Reverb Quartet                     (LA,Laswell,Zorn,Hurwood)     9.38
        Laurie Anderson, John Zorn & Bill Laswell

  1/  Sadness                                    (Coleman)                     6.05
        Thurston Moore & Nels Cline
  2/  Peace                                      (Coleman)                     7.24
        James Blood Ulmer, Ravi Coltrane, Denardo VIBE 
  3/  Sleep Talk                                 (Coleman)                     7.30
        Geri Allen, Joe Lovano, Wallace Roney Jr. & Denardo VIBE
  4/  Dancing In Your Head                       (Coleman)                     5.26
        Branford Marsalis, Bruce Hornsby, Bill Laswell, James Blood & Denardo VIBE 
  5/  Turnaround                                 (Coleman)                     5.25
        Henry Threadgill, Flea, David Murray & Denardo VIBE 
  6/  Song X                                     (Coleman)                     7.08
        Jajouka, Branford Marsalis, Bruce Hornsby, Bill Laswell, James Blood Ulmer, 
        Ravi Coltrane & Denardo VIBE
  8/  Lonely Woman                               (Coleman)                     20.23
        Geri Allen, Joe Lovano, Branford Marsalis, Ravi Coltrane, David Murray,
        Wallace Roney Jr. & Denardo VIBE

  1/  Solo                                        (Sanders)                    4.05
        Pharoah Sanders 
  2/  Solo                                        (Taylor)                     8.38
        Cecil Taylor 
  3/  Sail                                        (Threadgill)                 7.42
        Henry Threadgil & Jason Moran 
  4/  Peace                                       (Coleman)                    6.39
        Ravi Coltrane & Geri Allen 
  5/  Duo                                         (DeJohnette,Glover)          12.38
        Jack DeJohnette & Savion Glover
  6/  Lonely Woman                                (Coleman)                    8.10
        Joe Lovano, David, Murray, Charnett Moffett, Al Macdowell & Denardo Coleman 
  7/  Dancing In Your Head                        (Coleman)                    8.48
        Prime Time Band
 DVD 1
  1/  The Complete Celebrate Ornette Concert
 DVD 2
  1/  The complete Memorial
          Discs one and two recorded live in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, June 14, 2014
          Disc three recorded live at The Riverside Church, NYC, Jun 27, 2015
          Recorded by Chris Agovino and Tommie Cruse
          Mixed by S. Husky Hiskulds at Groundlift Sounds
          Post Production done at Song X Studios, NYC and Cold Sweat, Mt. Vernon, NY
          Peoduced by Denardo Coleman
          Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound
Players are as noted on each track.

Denardo VIBE (house band) - Denardo Colenan: drums; Charlie Ellerbe: guitar; Al Macdowell: electric piccolo bass; Tony Falnga: contra bass; Antoine Roney: tenor sax.

Prime Time Band - Jamaaladeen Tacuma: bass; Charlie Ellerbe: guitar; Bern Nix: guitar; Ken Wessel: guitar; Chris Rosenberg: guitar; Dave Bryant: keyboards.

          2016 - Song X Records (USA), 00070 (4xVinyl, 3xCD, 2xDVD)
          2016 - Song X Records (USA), 00070 (3xCD, 2xDVD)
Note: The vinyl edition contains the Celebrate Ornette show on records 1-3 and the Memorial on record number 4.