DROP 5.1

  1/  Shakespeare I                                                            0.11
        read by Tim Bowness
  2/  Jump                                       (Dami)                        3.18
        Alexander Robotnick
  3/  Last Dance (Loa Mix)                       (Bernocchi,Laswell)           5.16
        Eraldo Bernocchi & Bill Laswell
  4/  Shakespeare II                                                           0.15
        read by Tim Bowness
  5/  The Same Stuff the Dreams Armade           (Capanni)                     5.12
        Fabio Capanni
  6/  Varoma Pool (Red Sector A rmx)             (Iusco)                       4.37
        It feat. Red Sector A
  7/  Arlocando                                  (Bigazzi,Croce)               4.22
        Arlo Bigazzi vs. Mili
  8/  Shakespeare III                                                          0.15
        read by Tim Bowness
  9/  Lunette                                    (Hanno,Karn)                  5.25
        Mick Karn & Yoshihiro Hanno
  10/ Cold Eyes                                  (Humberstone,Humberstone)     5.45
        In the Nursery
  11/ Damage (animated mix)                      (Eno,Hammond)                 6.20
        Roger Eno & Lol Hammond                
  12/ Shakespeare IV                                                           0.09
        read by Tim Bowness
  13/ Subtle Bodies                              (Jansen,Barbieri,Takemura)    5.34
        Jansen, Barbieri & Takemura
  14/ My Last Granny                             (Asher)                       5.53
        Meira Asher vs. Bio Muse
  15/ Zeta Reticuli                              (DJ Wally)                    4.34
        DJ Wally
  16/ Kamandi (Paris rmx)                        (Andreoni,Alesini)            6.19
        Alesini & Andreoni vs. Hector Zazou
  17/ Not Marble Nor the Gilded Monumen          (Chilvers,Bowness,Shakespeare)2.52
        Tim Bowness & Peter Chivers

          Track 3 originally recorded at Verba Corrige Prod. Studio, October 1996
          Track 3 remixed by Eraldo Bernocchi at Verba Corridge Prod. Studio, Milan
          Track 3 produced by Eraldo Bernocchi
          Compiled by Fofo DJ
          Sequenced and edited by Fabrizio Croce & Giampiero Bigazzi
          Album Production Manager: Francesca Pieraccini
(3) Eraldo Bernocchi: samples, programming; Bill Laswell: samples, bass; the monks of the Monastery of Sed Gyued: voices.

          2000 - Materiali Sonori (Italy), MASO CD 90119 (CD)


In this collective project, inpired by the character of William Shakespeare and his work, interesting artists get together. In general, the music wanders around Trance and Atmospheric Pop, with strong doses of avantgarde. Tim Bowness recites various brief texts in several passages of the CD, and together with Peter Chilvers he is the author of the piece "Not Marble Nor The Gilged Monuments", which also includes lyrics by Shakespeare. The rest of the contents of the album is as follows: Alexander Robotnick: "Jump", Eraldo Bernocchi & Bill Laswell: "Last Dance (Loa Mix)", Fabio Capanni: "The same stuff the dreams armade of", Red Sector A: "Varoma Pool", Arlo Bigazzi - Militia: "Arlocando", Mick Karn & Yoshihiro Hanno: "Lunette", In the nursery: "Cold eyes", Roger Eno & Lol Hammond: "Damage (animated mix)", Jansen - Barbieri - Takemura: "Subtle Bodies", Meira Asher - Bio Muse: "My last Granny", DJ Wally: "Zeta Reticuli", Alesini & Andreoni - Hector Zazou: "Kamandi (Paris remix)".

Eduardo Fontana courtesy of the website