1/  Nuuk (Harbor)                              (Koner)                       3.38
        Thomas Koner
  2/  Flotsam Suspended in Solar Wind            (Voice of Eye)                6.19
        Voice of Eye
  3/  At the Edge of the In-Between              (Roach)                       12.00
           (Anima Revealed)  
        Steve Roach
  4/  Exit                                       (Broadrick,Green)             8.58
  5/  Zen Walker                                 (Null)                        4.44
  6/  Morphia                                    (Laswell,Skopelitis)          7.28
        Nicky Skopelitis and Bill Laswell
  7/  Glass on Wire,Part 2 (Brick Mix)           (Lemos,Papas)                 10.25
        Controlled Bleeding
  8/  Burn Down the Sky                          (Mandible Chatter)            8.07
        Mandible Chatter
  9/  Sunspot Circle                             (Rich)                        18.07
        Robert Rich

          Track 1 recorded at Jagerzimmer 4, Dortmund, Germany
          Track 3 recorded live in concert in Santa Fe, New Mexico
          Track 6 recorded at Greenpoint Studio, Brooklyn, New York
          Track 7 recorded in New York City, 1994/95
          Engineer on track 6: Robert Musso
          Assistant on Track 6: Layng Martine
          Each track produced by it's respective writer(s)
          Compiled by V.M. Harrigan
          Digital Editing: Joseph Deibel and Ryan Bertollini at Vindaloo, Detroit
(6) Nicky Skopelitis and Bill Laswell: sounds, treatments.

          1995 - Manifold (USA), MANCD04 (CD)