1/  Kong                                        (Doncker,Preisser,Weiner)     3.18
        The Highbridge Lowballers
  2/  Funky World                                 (Mase,Doncker)                4.23
        True Groove All-Stars
  3/  AnnaRexia                                   (Mase,Doncker)                6.40
        Marla Mase
  4/  I Need A Man                                (Summer,Doncker)              4.20
        Lael Summer
  5/  Habesha Girl                                (Doncker,Jenkins)             4.19
        Tomas Doncker Band
  6/  Sexy Cutie                                  (Maynard,Doncker)             4.06
        Charlie Funk
  7/  Succulence                                  (Claiborne,Doncker)           4.54
        Samuel Claiborne
  8/  Half-Life                                   (Mase,Doncker)                4.04
        Marla Mase
  9/  Why Me, Black Brother, Why?                 (Ferguson,Hookim,Shaw)        6.39
        Tomas Doncker Band
  10/ Gal Formula                                 (Tajji,Doncker,Dellatacoma)   3.19
  11/ Bato Bese                                   (Moulongo,Koch)               5.20
        Manu Koch and Filtron M
  12/ Change of Heart                             (Jenkins,Doncker)             4.59
        Kevin Jenkins
  13/ Half-Life                                   (Mase,Doncker)                5.47
        Marla Mase
          Recorded and compiled at Orange Music, West Orange, New Jersey
          Tracks 1,2 and 6 mixed by James Dellatacoma
          Tracks 3 and 9 mixed by Bill Laswell
          Tracks 4 and 12 remixed by Touchy Feely
          Tracks 5 and 13 mixed by Hanks Hothouse
          Track 7 remixed by Kurt Submerged
          Track 8 remixed by Dennis Mitchell
          Track 10 remixed by Doctor Israel
          Track 11 remixed by Ras Jah-Ames
          Original recordings produced by Tomás Doncker and James Dellatacoma for True Groove Records
          Track 11 originally produced by Manu Koch
featuring: Marla Mase: lead and background vocals; Tomás Doncker: acoustic and electric guitars, background vocals; Daniel Sadownick: percussion; Booker King: upright and electric bass; Alan Grubner: violin, viola; Heather Powell: background vocals; Tobias Ralph: drums; Nick Rolfe: keyboards; Garrison Hawk: lead vocals; Ken Jenkins: bass; James Dellatacoma: guitar, sound effects; Damon DueWhite: drums; Morris Roberts: drums; Manu Koch: keyboards; Lael Summer: vocals; Samuel Claiborne: vocasls; Charlie Funk; Kevin Jenkins; Juggla: vocals.

          2014 - True Groove Records (USA), no catalog # (digital)