This is a compilation from the first batch of releases on the newly revived Innerhythmic label.

  1/  Babylon Sync                               (Laswell)                     6.44 
        Bill Laswell
  2/  X-Zibit-I                                  (Laswell)                     7.46
        Sacred System                                     
  3/  Longeyness/Smokey Joe                      (Gonervill)                   4.07
  4/  O Gentle One                               (Ulmer)                       6.05
        James Blood Ulmer
  5/  Flux and Reflux                            (Praxis)                      5.59
  6/  Sacrament                                  (Skopelitis,Bjorkenheim)      7.24
        Nicky Skopelitis/Raoul Bjorkenheim
  7/  Wasteland                                  (Laswell,Wobble)              6.00
        Bill Laswell/Jah Wobble
  8/  Psyche                                     (Suphala)                     4.53
  9/  Movement 1                                 (Praxis)                      8.03
  10/ Momentarily                                (Ulmer,Laswell,Brailey)       5.56
        James Blood Ulmer

          Compiled and edited at Orange Music, West Orange, New Jersey
          Engineering: Robert Musso
          Realization: Bill Laswell
          Innerhythmic: Steven Saporta
          Innerhythmic Coordinator: Joseph Yoon
          Invasion: Peter Casperson
          Angel: Lori Urso
          Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper, Turtle Tone Studio, NYC

          2001 - Innerhythmic Foundation (USA), INR-004 (CD)


Innerhythmic Sound System" captures the overall sound of the label: it is the usual Laswell: electronic and breakbeat manipulation, fused with East-Indian rhythmic modality and filled with subsonic aquabass. The Sacred System veteran and tabla Zakir Hussain throwing it Asian underground style drenched with heavy breakbeats and techstep nauseces. Zakir's protege Suphala continues with a Tala Matrix's style with adventurous two stepping and tranced-out tabla exploitation. Jah Wobble reunites with Laswell on what sounds like an outtake in Automaton's "Port of Entry" on Strata (another failed Laswell label). Abstract hip-hop gets its prop and represented by Gonerville (Eddie Def, Extrkd) with the usual abstract soundscape and beat manipulation. However, perhaps the standing out track is not those laden with heavy beats, but Nicky Skopelitis and ex-Krakatau leader Raoul Bjorkenheim's "Sacrament" from the long out of print album "Revelator", a smouldering soundscape with African-modality appregios with cloudy block chord barrages. An excerpt from the Praxis Live album was also weaves turntablist magik into urgent heavy rock.

courtesy of the Music Forum website