1/  Hangin' Around F                           (Foxx,Flea)                   4.08
        Andre Foxx feat. Flea
  2/  Me & My Bass                               (Rainey)                      5.16
        Chuck Rainey
  3/  The Evolution                              (Johnson)                     5.55
        Louis Johnson
  4/  Down by the River                          (Green)                       5.28
        Tony "T" Green
  5/  Shall We Go Again?                         (Jackson)                     5.11
        Paul Jackson
  6/  Song for the World                         (Watts)                       4.39
        Nathan Watts
  7/  Memphis Soul Stew                          (Jemmott)                     6.15
        Jerry Jemmott
  8/  Funksomethingness                          (Porter)                      4.37
        George Porter Jr.
  9/  Eyes on the Prize                          (Levy)                        2.08
        Andrew Levy
  10/ Pretty Girl                                (Curtis)                      5.23
        Rodney "Skeet" Curtis
  11/ Walk Don't Call Me                         (Weeks)                       4.10
        Willie Weeks
  12/ Ridin' the Empty Lane                      (Prestia)                     3.54
        Francis "Rocco" Prestia
  13/ The Final Frontier - Bill Laswell          (Laswell)                     16.43
        a/  Lower Magick
        b/  Deep Six
        c/  What the Thunder Said
        d/  Data-Bass Overload
        e/  Jungle Kaos Draft
        f/  Galactic Warzone (Starship Burning)
        g/  Babylon Bass-space

          Track 13 recorded at Greenpoint Studio, Brooklyn, New York 1995
          Track 13 engineered by Robert Musso
          Track 13 assistant: Layng Martine
          Track 13 produced and arranged by Bill Laswell
(13) a - Bill Laswell: ambient bass; b - Jah Wobble: dub bass; Gabe Katz: dub bass II; Bill Laswell: air bass; c - Robbie Shakespeare: assassin bass; d - Bootsy Collins: jungle Space Bass; Bill Laswell: low bass; e - Jah Wobble: dub bass; Bill Laswell: dub bass; f - Bootsy Collins: death ray bass; g - Bill Laswell: earth and sky bass.

          1998 - AIM Records and Tapes Ltd. (Australia), AIM 1101 (CD)