Disc one:
  1/  The Struggle of Life                       (Brown)                       7.09
        The Disciples
  2/  Double Edge                                (Coxon,Wales)                 5.37
        Spring Heel Jack
  3/  Sergio Mendez Part 1                       (Ogilvie)                     5.48
        Mister Bubbles
  4/  Astral Altar Dub                           (Laswell)                     6.36
  5/  Broadway Boogie Woogie                     (Biswas)                      8.31
        Bedouin Ascent
  6/  Wadada (Sema Mix)                          (The Rootsman)                5.00
        The Rootsman
  7/  The Hills Are Alive                        (Coil)                        7.14
  8/  The Half Cut                               (Haigh)                       5.15
        The Omni Trio
  9/  If You Miss (Laika Virgin Mix)             (Fiedler,Fixsen)              4.44
  10/ Crush Your Enemies                         (Laws,Harding,Furlow)         4.24
      (Panama Connection Dub Mix)  
        New Kingdom
  11/ Goiri                                      (Tortoise)                    6.38
  12/ Operation Mind Control                     (Skull,Martin)                7.45
        Skull vs. Ice

 Disc two:
  1/  Morocco                                    (Boniface,DW,Watson)          4.38
        Bud Alzir
  2/  Beta, Seekers of Smooth Things             (Cod,Tench,Perch)             6.35
  3/  Paranormal In 4 Forms                      (McFarlane,Clair)             8.03
  4/  This Is How It Feels (Dub)                 (Carson,Fier,Laswell)         4.58
        The Golden Palominos
  5/  Ragga Doll                                 (Fraser)                      4.38
        Mad Professor
  6/  Phora Ride                                 (Vibert)                      6.43
        Wagon Christ
  7/  The End                                    (Bullen,Harris)               8.14
  8/  Ambient Pumpkin                            (Tricky)                      4.43
  9/  Iration Steppas vs. Dennis Rootical        (Iration,Rootical)            7.20
        Iration Steppas
  10/ Rootbeer                                   (O’Connell,Bissmire)          10.41
  11/ Nothingness                                (Saul,Mau,Edison)             10.02

          Disc one, track 4 and disc two, track 4 recorded at Greenpoint Studio,
            Brooklyn, New York
          Disc one, track 4 produced by Bill Laswell
          Disc two, track 4 produced by Anton Fier
Disc one:
(4) Bill Laswell: bass, sounds; Gabe Katz: bass; Sly Dunbar: beats.

Disc two:
(4) Anton Fier: drums, programming, percussion, beats, loops; Bill Laswell: bass; Lori Carson: voices; Bootsy Collins: guitar; Nicky Skopelitis: guitar; Bernie Worrell: Hammond organ; Matt Stein: programming, loops, effects; Amanda Kramer: keyboards; Jeff Bova: keyboards.

          1995 - Virgin Records (UK), AMBTLP7 (3x12")
          1995 - Virgin Records, AMBT 7 (2CD)
          1995 - Virgin/Caroline, CAROL 1795-2 (2CD)


Anyone who is a fan of dub shouldn't be without this. In fact, MDI 2 is even better by my account, but what you get here is two discs full of the kind of dark dub treatments usually associated with Bill Laswell/Mick Harris and the like. Even the tracks that seem like they might not fit (Spring Heel Jack and Tricky?) work well in this collection. I prefer the twisted slow beats of Scorn and Automaton over the straight ahead four on the floor stuff that is offered here, but it's all a great taste of rumbling low bass.



This album begins to catalog the influences of "dub" music which had its beginnings with the studio tweakings of King Tubby in Jamaica in the late ’60s. Listen to any modern dance, trip-hop, or ambient music, and you’re still likely to hear rich reggae-like rhythms. I hoped this set would include liner notes to help me learn the history, but the notes are snippets of musings, quotes, and recollections that—though fascinating—did little to help the literal mind. Those in the know (SPIN rated it 9 of 10) will find this collection a treasurehouse; the uninitiated can enjoy the infectious rhythms and inventive sonic layerings while trying to sort out the subgenres: trip hop, digital dub roots reggae, dub techno, outrockers, and ambient renegade.

CW (review courtesy of the Napra website)