Disc one :
  1/  MG (Version)                               (Maurizio)                    7.22
  2/  Sacred System Dub                          (Laswell)                     6.08
        Bill Laswell
  3/  Beware Soul Snatchers                      (Rome)                        5.06
      (Black Nosed Buddha mix)  			
  4/  Altesse                                    (Chatham,Wheeler)             5.14
        Rhys Chatham/Martin Wheeler
  5/  Libel (The Lost Book Mix)                  (Wright)                      5.54
  6/  Liquid Boy                                 (Scharin,Spitito)             7.05
  7/  A Presente                                 (Kerosene,G104)               6.03
  8/  Miles To Go (Invisible Man)                (Gleeson,Maupin)              7.44
  9/  Keen As Mustard                            (Vibert)                      6.52
  10/ Sehn Said                                  (Tome,St Werner)              5.29
        Mouse On Mars
  11/ Esoteric Red                               (Tao)                         5.32
  12/ When You've Reached Your Peak              (Empire)                      5.27
        Alec Empire

  Disc two:
  1/  Flump                                      (Jackson)                     3.22
  2/  Psycho-System (Shades of Nature)           (Ciccotelli,Baker)            7.27
  3/  Nautical Dub                               (Mellwig)                     5.44
        Porter Ricks
  4/  Conscious Yout (Remix)                     (Disciples,Rootsman)          6.44
        The Disciples Meet the Rootsman
  5/  El-Qadim                                   (Boniface,Watson,PL)          8.54
        Gedulah vs. Cheesecake
  6/  Revelation of Wrath                        (Units)                       5.13
        Andre Guroy Units
  7/  Brother No Blood                           (Prince Paul)                 2.50
        Prince Paul
  8/  Handbag Dub                                (Jamminí Unit)                5.40
        Jammin' Unit
  9/  Rat Day                                    (Curti,Ruvoli)                5.19
        Bio Muse
  10/ Shot In the Head                           (Elliot)                      2.35
        Third Eye Foundation
  11/ Sub Version                                (Fernando)                    4.31
  12/ More Brother (Inbred Version)              (Olarim)                      4.28
        Ice vs. Palace

          Disc one, track 2 recorded at Greenpoint Studio, Brooklyn, New York
          Disc one, track 2 produced by Bill Laswell

          1996 - Virigin Records (UK), AMBT14 (2CD)
          1996 - Gyroscope/Virgin Records (USA), GYR 6638-2 (2CD)


If you somewhat agree with my musical tastes, then you've probably heard MDI1, which came out over a year ago. Compiled by Kevin Martin, this disc explored the many reaches of dub, such as ambient, jungle, and techno. Martin also compiled this second collection, and I must say I think it's a better one. While the first one featured a more dance (ick!) sound, and even a bit of disco (double-ick!), this one stays closer to the experimental side of dub. Some of the tracks stay close to dub's Jamaican roots, like the ones by Bill Laswell ("Sacred System" remix of "Babylon Ghost), The Disciples Meet the Rootsman ("Conscious Yout"), and Maurizio (M6 [version]), while others are based in the newer offshoot, jungle (like Plug, and Third Eye Foundation). The rest kind of lie in the blurred spaces between techno, ambient, and reggae. This disc is consistently good, though (unlike MDI1, I've played every song). There are a few excellent standout tracks. Magnet's track "Miles to Go" is remixed by Techno Animal, which lend their slow, super-fly beats to the track. Skull, who remixed Ice's "Operation Mind Control", the best song, IMHO, on MDI1, returns with a solo effort that's so good it makes me want to buy all of his releases. "More Brother-Inbred Version", by Ice vs. Palace (Damn, what is it with Kevin Martin and vs. titles? God, there's "Narco Agent vs. The Medicine Man", "Nerve Agent vs. The Backbreaker", "God vs. Flesh", and the upcoming "Techno Animal vs. Reality" release? Whoops, kinda got off track there!) is notable because Ice actually is able to dub up and make a country track sound good! Alec Empire's "When You've Reached Your Peak" is probably my favorite track on the comp. It must be 4000 bpm or something. Imagine what it would sound like if Mick Harris hooked up with T. Mikawa (Incapacitants) and made a drum-and-bass track. This is dub for people who hear voices, and obey them. It actually hurts your ears, but in a good way :-).

Overall - 5/5

Creaig Dunton (courtesy of the False Prophet Campaign website)