This album contains mostly unreleased mixes, non album versions, edits, etc.

  1/  Mantra (Doors of Perception Mix)           (Shankar,Caroline,Laswell)    8.53
  2/  Animal Behavior                            (Laswell,Collins,Buckethead)  4.45
      (Transmutation Video Version)  
  3/  Capitao Do Asfalto                         (Brown)                       5.05
        Bahia Black
  4/  Reality Dub (Virtual Reality Mix)          (Ranks,Laswell,Sly,Robbie)    7.22
  5/  Tarab Dub (Wasteland Mix)                  (Skopelitis,Wobble,Laswell)   10.11
        Nicky Skopelitis
  6/  A Habibi Ouajee T'Allel Allailya           (H.A. Attar)                  4.12
        Master Musicians of Jajouka featuring Bachir Attar	
  7/  Better Wrapped/Better Unrapped (Edit)      (Threadgill)                  4.28
        Henry Threadgill
  8/  Lanmbasy Dub (Kora In Hell Mix)            (Suso)                        9.44
  9/  Baniya                                     (Traditional)                 5.59
        Gnawa Music of Marrakesh
  10/ Dead Man Walking (Edit)                    (BC,Worrell,BM,Hall,BH,BL)    3.33
  11/ Playin' With Fire (Praxis Remix/Edit)      (BL,Collins,Sly,Robbie,JB’s)  3.57
  12/ Feridem                                    (Traditional)                 3.59
        Talip Ozkan

          Recorded at Greenpoint Studio, Brooklyn, New York & other locations
            around the world
          Tracks 1-4,6, 10 and 11 Produced by Bill Laswell 
          Tracks 5 and 12 co-produced by Nicky Skopelitis
          Track 7 co-produced by Henry Threadgill
          Track 8 co-produced by Foday Musa Suso
          Track 9 co-produced by Richard Horowitz
(1) Bill Laswell: bass, beats; Zakir Hussain: tablas; Vikku Vinayakram: ghatam; Nadhaswara arrangement by Shankar; (2) Bootsy Collins: bass, vocals; Bernie Worrell: synthesizer, clavinet, vital organ; Buckethead: guitar, toys; Brain: drums; Af Next Man Flip (Lord of the Paradox): turntables, mixer; Bill Laswell: beats, loops; (3) Carlinhos Brown: guitar, percussion, vocals; Bernie Worrell: Hammond B-3 organ; Henry Threadgill: flute; (4) Shabba Ranks: vocals; Sly Dunbar: drums, drum programming; Robbie Shakespeare: bass; Bernie Worrell: piano; Jeff Bova: keyboards; Marcus Rojas: tuba; (5) Nicky Skopelitis: electric guitars; Jah Wobble: bass; Foday Musa Suso: dousongonni; Simon Shaheen: violin; Amina Claudine Myers: Hammond B-3 organ; Joseph "Zigaboo" Modeliste: drum loops; Zakir Hussain: tablas; (6) Bachir Attar, Mohamed Bacari & Mohammed El Hammadi: gimbri, vocals; Ali Nachat, Larbi Hlalli Attar, Ali Moujdoubi, Abdellah Sandaoui Attar, Abdellah Attar, Abdelsam Attarv, Abdellah Shirioui, Mohktar Jagdar, Mostapha Attar, Ahmed El Himdi & Abdellah Bokzar: drum, vocals; Tahir Bokzar & Lahesan Brital: violin, vocals; (7) Henry Threadgill: alto saxophone; Mark Taylor: french horn; Brandon Ross: electric guitar; Masujaa: electric guitar; Edwin Rodriguez: tuba; Marcus Rojas: tuba; Gene Lake: drums; Dorian L. Parreott II: tuba; Leroy Jenkins, Simon Shaheen & Jason Hwang: violin; Johnny Rudas & Miguel Urvina: culo e puya, fulia; (8) Foday Musa Suso: vocals, Gravichord, percussion; Bill Laswell: bass, loops; Jeff Bova: keyboards; Nicky Skopelitis & Clive Smith: Fairlight programming; (9) Abdelqador Oughassal: sintir, vocals; Said Aoughassal: oud, vocals; Abdelhak Bou Naam: darbouka; Aberrahim Oughassal: drum; Samir Zougari: clapping; Abdellatif Oughassal: qrakech; Aziz Radi, Mohammed Mslomi, Abdel Kmir Msolom, Hassan Zougari & Abdenbi Binizi: clapping, vocals; (10) Bootsy Collins: bass, vocals; Bernie Worrell: synthesizer, clavinet, vital organ; Buckethead: guitar, toys; Brain: drums; Af Next Man Flip (Lord of the Paradox): turntables, mixer; (11) Jungle Brothers (Baby Bam & Mike G.): vocals; Bootsy Collins: guitar, vocals; Gary "Mudbone" Cooper: vocals; Herbie Hancock: piano; Bernie Worrell: Hammond B-3 organ; Maceo Parker: alto saxophone; Fred Wesley: trombone; Pee Wee Ellis: tenor saxophone; Robbie Shakespeare: bass; Sly Dunbar: drums; Bill Laswell: beats, loops; (12) Talip Ozkan: saz, percussion, vocals; Mahmut Demir: additional saz, percussion.

          1993 - Axiom/Island (USA), 314-541 453-1 (Promo 2x12")
          1993 - Axiom/Island (USA), 314-514 453-2 (CD)


Another justification for compilations is tempting the hapless consumer with songs and versions of songs otherwise unavailable. The second Axiom compilation, ‘Manifestation’, showboats the label's aggressive aggregate of traditional formats and urban innovation, including a mind-bending "Tarab Dub" transmuted from Ekstasis, the "Kora in Hell Mix" of a cut by Foday Musa Suso's griot dance band Mandingo, plus reality shifts by Material, Praxis, the Master Musicians of Jajouka, Bahia Black and Turkish saz-ist Talip Ozkan. Redeeming ‘Manisfestation’ from the particularly painful rung of Purgatory reserved for ambitious anthologists is the fact that many musicians guest on one another's compositions, resulting in a big fat holistic ambience bolstered by Bill Laswell's genre-straddling bottomless pit production. This is the sound of psychedelia to come.

Bob Tart (courtesy of the The Beat magazine website)