1/  For A Few Dollars More                     (Morricone)                   7.29
  2/  Wild Style                                 (Bambaataa,Henderson)         8.21
        Time Zone
  3/  Crazy Cuts                                 (Showard)                     8.04
  4/  The Roxy                                   (Phase II,D.ST,BL,MB,MB,LM)   7.00
        Phase II
  5/  Time Out                                   (Laswell,Le,Beinhorn)         5.55
  6/  Cuts It Up                                 (Showard)                     8.29
        Grandmixer D.ST.
  7/  Shango Message                             (Material,Bambaataa)          7.44
  8/  What I Like (American Dreams)              (Material,Zekri,BF)           6.38
        Tribe 2

          Track 1 recorded at Radio City Music Hall Studio and OAO Studio, New York 
          Track 3 recorded at Evergreen Studios, New York City 
          Tracks 4 and 8 recorded at OAO Studios, Brooklyn, New York
          Tracks 5 and 7 recorded at O.A.O Studio, Brooklyn, New York and RPM
            Sound Studio, New York City
          Engineers: Martin Bisi and Rob Stevens
          Track 1 produced by Bill Laswell and Anton Fier
          Track 3 produced by Material and D.ST
          Track 6 produced and arranged by D.ST
          Track 7 produced by Material and Afrika Bambaataa
          Tracks 4,5 and 8 produced by Material 
(1) Anton Fier: drums, percussion; Bill Laswell: bass; Henry Kaiser: guitar; Robert Musso: guitar; Grand Mixer D.ST.: turntable; Daniel Ponce: percussion; Michael Beinhorn: tapes, synthesizer, radio, guitar, drums, voice; (3) Grandmixer D.ST.: turntables, DMX, voice box, Moog Source; Bernard Fowler: vocals; Bill Laswell: bass; Michael Beinhorn: Prophet 5, DMX; Nicky Skopelitis: guitar solo; Chops: horns; (4) Phase II: words; D.ST.: turntables, DMX; Bill Laswell: bass, DMX; Martin Bisi: ???; Michael Beinhorn: synthesizer; (5) Bill Laswell: basses; Michael Beinhorn: synthesizers; J.T. Lewis: drums; Fred Frith: guitar; Nicky Marrero: percussion; (6) D.St: beats, scratches, sounds; Infinity Rappers: rap; (7) Max Wells: vocal; Bernard Fowler: back vocal; Bill Laswell: basses, percussion; Michael Beinhorn: Prophet 5, percussion; (8) BeeSide: vocals; Nicky Marrero: bongos; Jimmy Mac & Roger Trilling: male vocals; Bernard Fowler: vocal arrangement, back up; Michael Beinhorn: synthesizer; Nicky Skopelitis: guitar; Bill Laswell: bass; Grandmixer D.ST.: DMX.

          1984 - CBS/Sony (USA), 35DP-141 (CD)