This is a collection WordSound released featuring a remixes, unreleased and some album versions from each of their releases up to the release of this album. The name(s) in parenthesis are the track's original writers.
 Disc one:
  1/  Chicken Walk '97                           (WordSound)                   3.45
        Remixed by Splice
  2/  Scarab Medley                              (Scarab)                      5.13
        Remixed by Scotty Hard
  3/  Saidisyabruklinmon Nobwoycyantess          (Israel,Loop)                 3.56
        Remixed by Dr. Israel
  4/  Trust                                      (Israel,Shehab)               6.03
        Remixed by Dr. Israel and Prof. Shehab
  5/  Freedom Street                             (Seshambeh Project)           6.10
        Remixed by Dr. Israel
  6/  King Cobra In the Temple of Smoke          (Spectre,Israel)              3.50
        Remixed by Free Time featuring King Cobra (DS 2000)
  7/  Rise of the Fall                           (Shehab,DXT,The Eye)          6.45
  8/  Forward Roots (unreleased)                 (Skiz,Jer)                    5.52
        Roots Control
  9/  Psalm 87                                   (Israel)                      6.02
        Remixed by Capt. Kowatchi
  10/ J.O.B.                                     (Prince Paul)                 4.23
        Remixed by Eraldo Bernocchi
  11/ Mystery of Senior Sanchez                  (O.H.M.)                      4.21

 Disc two:
  1/  The Joust                                  (Spectre,Harding)             5.00
        Remixed by Corporal Blossom
  2/  Prince Charming Goes Bananas               (Darlington)                  5.10  
        Prince Charming
  3/  Hidden Gods                                (Spectre)                     6.12
        Remixed by DJ Vadim
  4/  Lower                                      (BL,EB,Harris)                6.12
        Remixed by Slotek
  5/  Drunken Monkey                             (Shehab,Loop)                 6.53
        Ebn E Sync
  6/  Mumbo Jumbo                                (Special Dark)                5.14
        Remixed by Megabyte
  7/  Eliminate the Countdown                    (Martin)                      4.13
        Remixed by Ish
  8/  Towers Open Fire                           (Fernando,Ghari)              7.46
        Remixed by Bill Laswell
  9/  Weird Science                              (Scharin)                     4.55
        Remixed by Spectre
  10/ Electrotherapy                             (Sensational)                 4.59
        Remixed by Kevin Martin
  11/ Fallout (LP version)                       (Scott,Laswell)               4.23
        Bill Laswell Meets Style Scott
  12/ The Spy Who Came In From the Cold          (Spectre)                     5.18

          Recorded and mixed at various labs in Crooklyn and beyond
          Original tracks produced by it's respective writer(s)

          1997 - WordSound (USA), WSEP023 (12")
          1997 - WordSound (USA), WSCD023 (2CD)
Note: Tracks 10 and 11 on disc two are listed in reverse order in the liner notes.
Note: The vinyl contains 4 tracks: disc one, track 5 and disc two, tracks 7,8 and 9.


A celebratory retrospective, taking a track from every Wordsound release, re- mixing most. I've been hooked up with these folks for about a year, and I've been terribly impressed. The releases are consistently creative and inventive, with an excellent ear for moving the whole concept of electronic music into a whole new realm.

As could be expected, the remixes on this set take large chances. This compulsion for reinventing the wheel does result in some tracks that don't quite live up to the originals, but with the bar as high as it is, that's not a big concern.

Within the two hours of music here lies a lifetime of ideas and emotions. Wordsound is merely the conduit for this traffic in dreams, but I'm overjoyed such a path exists. These artists go to the edge; it's great that there's a label who is only too happy to venture right along.

Jon Worley (courtesy of the Aiding & Abetting website)