1/  Intro - Controlled Bleeding                                              1.26
  2/  Skin Me/Burn (Original Abrasive Mixes) - Fat Hacker                      2.33
  3/  In Penetration (Version) - Joined at the Head                            3.32
  4/  White God - Techno Animal                                                4.14
  5/  Nature Lover - headbutt                                                  4.55
  6/  Incision - New Mind                                                      3.04
  7/  Fast Forward - Force Fed                                                 2.35
  8/  Like Jeff ('91 Version) - Fudge Tunnel                                   2.50
  9/  Novocaine Kul (Live)- Cable Regime                                       7.43
  10/ The Primrose Path - Jouissance                                           5.47
  11/ Crash Victim - Multicide                                                 5.44
  12/ Nail Fetish - Splintered                                                 3.55
  13/ The Ladder - Painkiller                                                  0.22
  14/ Fish (Live) - Meatfly                                                    1.25
  15/ Black Dog - Techno Animal                                                4.10
  16/ Trip To Nowhere - Typhoid Mary                                           3.19
  17/ Fucked (Rough Live Mix) - God                                            11.30

          Track 13 recorded and mixed at Greenopint Studio, Brooklyn, New York
          Track 13 engineered by Oz Fritz
          Track 13 produced by Painkiller
(13) Mick Harris: drums; John Zorn: saxophone; Bill Laswell: bass.

          1992 - Sentrax Productions (UK), SET 1 (CD)
Note: See also PainKiller's album 'Buried Secrets' for further references.


Over an hour of stark grinding mayhem compiled by the fine gentleman who writes the Onslaught column in Music From The Empty Quarter, and damn fine most of it is too. Some of the names present will already be top of your list of favourite noise-mongers: Controlled Bleeding (who also appear in their Fat Hacker and Joined at the Head guises, greedy bastards), God, Techno-Animal, Painkiller and New Mind. Others, such as Jouissance and the wonderful Multicide may be unfamiliar to you, but not for long. I could probably live without the slightly more normal hardcore thrashings of Nottingham's finest Fudge Tunnel, Force Fed and Meatfly, but since that city is where this was compiled their presence is understandable. On the whole though, Spreading the Virus will find a home wherever the sheer terror of noise is welcome. Good one!

Marc Gascoigne (courtesy of the ESTWeb pages)