1/  Hum Boom!                                  (Weiwei,O Future,Rosenthal)   4.38
        Ai Weiwei, O Future & Aliah Rosenthal
  2/  Pentagon Exorcism                          (Waldman,FSM)                 3.18
        Anne Waldman & Fast Speaking Music
  3/  A Prophecy                                 (Moore,Williams)              0.55
        Thurston Moore feat. Saul Williams
  4/  Bixby Canyon                               (Ginsberg,Campos,Mirra)       3.54
        Kai Campos & CJ Mirra feat. Allen Ginsberg
  5/  Dear Queer Bar                             (Ginseberg,Banhart)           1.42
        Devadra Banhart feat. Allen Ginsberg
  6/  Holy Ghost on the Nod Over the Body        (Ginsberg,Dangers)            3.47
                of Bliss
        Jack Dangers feat. Allen Ginsberg
  7/  Sonora Dessert Edge (The Abyss)            (Ginsberg,Giraudy,Hillage)    7.28
        System 7 feat. Allen Ginsberg
  8/  Why?                                       (Ginsberg,Wolf,Wolf)          2.30
        Death on All Fronts
  9/  Over Denver Again                          (Ginsberg,Taylor)             1.16
        Seb Taylor & Allen Ginsberg
  10/ Guru                                       (Ginsberg,Fennesz,Deupree)    4.38
        Fennesz & Taylor Deupree
  11/ September on Jessore Road                  (AG,Bernocchi,Laswell,Reeno)  4.34
  12/ Cremation Piece (On Neal's Ashes)          (Ginsberg,Ray)                5.28
        Oliver Ray & No Land
  13/  Pertussin                                 (Ginsberg,Harrington,Epstein) 4.24
         Dave Harrington & Will Epstein feat. Allen Ginsberg
  14/  Iron Horse (The Universe Is Empty)        (Ginsberg,Hatori)             3.55
         Miho Hatori
  15/  Have You Seen This Movie                  (Ginsberg,Glass)              9.15
         Phillip Glass feat. Allen Ginsberg

          Recorded at various locations around the world
          Track 11 produced by Eraldo Bernocchi and Bill Laswell
          A Peter Hale & Jesse Goodman Production in association with the Allen
            Ginsberg Estate
          Mastered at Obsidian Sound by Nathan Moody
          Lacquering: Paul Gold
(11) Eraldo Bernocchi: guitar; Bill Laswell: bass; Reeno: voice.

          2023 - Allen Ginsberg Records (USA),  AGR-006 (2xLP)
          2023 - Allen Ginsberg Records (USA),  AGR-006 (CD)