"This album is a musical tribute to The Master Musicians of Jajouka led by Bachir Attar. These recordings feature new performances and remixes created by wester 'master' musicians in support and celebration of Jajouka's rich musical and cultural traditions. One hundred percent of the net profits will go to the Jajouka Foundation. To learn more, please visit".
  1/  Hand of Fatima                                                           5.45
        Medeski, Martin & Wood, Bachir Attar & Marc Ribot	
  2/  Baraka                                                                   4.44
        Mickey Hart & DJ Logic			
  3/  Djebala Hills                                                            5.45
        Falu, John Zorn, Flea & Billy Martin			
  4/  Boujeloudia Magick                                                       8.57
        Lee Renaldo
  5/  Into the Rif                                                             5.11
        Marc Ribot & Shahzad Ismaily		
  6/  Ghaita Blues                                                             7.08
        Bachir Attar, Dave Dreiwitz & Bill Martin	
  7/  Jnuin                                                                    6.49
        Ornette Coleman & Bachir Attar
  8/  Sufi Hadra                                                               4.17
        Falu, Aiyb Dieng & Bill Laswell	
  9/  Al'Aita                                                                  4.34
        Howard Shore & London Philharmonic Orchestra		

          Recorded at various studios in NYC and around the world
          Bill Laswell recorded at Orange music by Bob Musso and James Dellatacoma
          Track 1 mixed by Michael Fossenkemper and Billy Martin
          Track 2 remixed by Jason Kibler
          Tracks 3 and 8 mixed by Danny Blume and Billy Martin
          Track 4 edited and remixed by Lee Renaldo
          Tracks 5 and 7 edited and mixed by Scotty Hard
          Track 6 edited and remixed by Billy Martin and Michael Fossenkemper
          Produced by Bill Martin
          Executive Producers: Howard Shore and Bachir Attar
          Executive Producer for Howe Records: Joe Augustine
          Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper at Turtletone Studios
The Master Musicians of Jajouka feat. Bachir Attar: ghaita, drums; Bachir Attar: spoken word (1), ghaita (6,7); John Medeski: Hammond organ (1); Bill Martin: drums (1,3,5,6,7), tambourine (1), percussion (3), caxixi (6), ashtray (8), joist hanger (8); Chris Wood: bass (1); Marc Ribot: banjo (1), guitars (1,5); Aiyb Dieng: daf (1), talking drum (3,8); DJ Logic: turntable (2); Mickey Hart: drums (2), electronics (2); John Zorn: alto sax (3); Flea: electric bass - part 2 (3); Danny Blume: acoustic bass - part 1 (3); Falu: vocal (3,8); Lee Renaldo: guitar (4); Shahzad Ismaily: bass (5); Dave Dreiwitz: bass (6); Al Maddy: guitar (6); Ornette Coleman: alto Saxophone (7); Bill Laswell: bass (8); Howard Shore: conductor (9); London Philharmonic Orchestra (9); SIRIUS QUARTET (5) - Gregor Heubner: violin; Fung Chern Hwei: violin; Ron Lawrence: viola; Jeremy Harman: cello.

          2013 - Amulet/Howe Records (USA), AMT-036 (vinyl)
          2013 - Howe Records (USA), HWR-1009 (CD)
Note: On the vinyl edition tracks 4 and 5 are reversed and track 6 is omitted.