1/  Introloop                                  (Dubadelic)                   2.14
  2/  Rise of the Fall                           (Shehab,Showard,The Eye)      6.46
  3/  The Devil Went Down To Forsythe County     (Corporal Blossom,Spectre)    6.59
                (Mad Dog Blues)
  4/  Psychobabble                               (Psycho Priest,Eye,Megabyte)  6.40
  5/  Interloop                                  (Dubadelic)                   1.37
  6/  Spirit of '76                              (Shehab,The I,Israel,Dawg)    6.23
  7/  Zoned                                      (Shehab,Megabyte,The I,Flash) 6.38
  8/  Johnny’s Outta Jail                        (Megabyte,Boopsman,The Eye)   6.34
  9/  Wet Sprocket Rock                          (Corporal Blossom,The Eye)    5.58
  10/ Operation Duppy Conquerer 2000             (Psycho,Spectre,Laswell)      5.53
		(Special Tactics)
  11/ Dub of Justice                             (Israel,Shehab,Eye)           6.53

          Tracks 2,3 and 10 recorded at Greenpoint Studio, Brooklyn, New York
          Tracks 4,7 and 8 recorded at The Other Side, Brooklyn, New York
          Track 9 recorded at Antechamber, Brooklyn, New York
          Tracks 6 and 11 recorded at Bass Mind, Brooklyn, New York
          Each track produced by it's respective writers
The Eye, Professor Shehab, Megabyte, Corporal Blossom, Dr. Israel, Digger Dawg, Rankin' Boopsman, Matt Flash, Spectre, Psycho Priest, DXT and Colonel Bill Laswell: sounds, loops, beats, samples.

          1996 - WordSound (USA), WSLP007 (2x12")
          1996 - WordSound (USA), WSCD007 (CD)


Fasten your seatbelt and launch into a "Bass Odyssey" filled with big fat bass Beats, & atmospheres. This is another WordSound project which pokes fun at all kinds of things. See if you can identify them. Dr. Israel - head of biblical studies at belly of the beast community college is on hand - as in other WordSound recordings. The Laswell gang all have new and amusing names here. My favorite tracks include a trippy belly dance [2], hip hop aliens [3], "the patron poet of manic depressives [4], the creepy Operation duppy conquerer 2000 [10], and a slightly less apocalyptic version of "Dub of Justice" which appeared on an earlier WordSound album. - An album with a "cosmic sense of humor".

Ann Arbor (courtesy of the KFJC website)