1/  I                                          (de Waal,Spejderrobot)        3.04
  2/  II                                         (de Waal,Spejderrobot)        3.08
  3/  III                                        (de Waal,Spejderrobot)        5.54
  4/  IV                                         (de Waal,Spejderrobot)        3.57
  5/  V                                          (de Waal,Spejderrobot)        5.27
  6/  VI                                         (de Waal,Spejderrobot)        3.16
  7/  VII                                        (de Waal,Spejderrobot)        3.12
  8/  VIII                                       (de Waal,Spejderrobot)        3.48

          Recorded in Johnstein Recordings, Mir Sound Production, Royal Johnstein and
            Johnstein at the Cemetary
          Engineered by Emil de Waal, Troels Bech, Michael Moeller, Gustaf Ljunggren
            and Mikael Elkjaer
          Mixed and Mastered in Johnstein at the Cemetary by Mikael Elkjaer
          Produced by Spejderrobot and Emil de Waal
Emil de Waal: drums, percussion, vocals, electronics; Spejderrobot: computer, vocals, electronics; Bill Laswell: bass (3); Fockba: vocals (2); Jack W Dufresne: bass (2); Michael Moller: vocals (5); Troels Bech: lapsteel guitar (1,6,7).

          2020 - Emil de Waal (Denmark), Edwlp007 (vinyl)