1/  Divination One                             (Laswell)                     3.42
  2/  Seven Heavens                              (Laswell)                     12.16
  3/  Errata                                     (Laswell)                     4.20
  4/  Delta                                      (Musso)                       5.53
  5/  Tian Zhen                                  (Sola)                        4.20
  6/  Agrippa                                    (Laswell)                     6.50
  7/  Godspeed                                   (Laswell)                     8.20
  8/  Ain Soph Aour                              (Laswell)                     5.48

          Recorded and mixed at Greenpoint Studio, Brooklyn, New York
          Engineering: Robert Musso
          Assistant: Imad Mansour
          Conceived and constructed by Bill Laswell
          Track 4 produced by Robert Musso
          Coordination for Material, Inc.: Tracy McKnight
          Axiom Input: Peter Wetherbee
          A & R coordination: Robert Soares
          Mastered at Masterdisk by Howie Weinberg
          Artwork for Bandcamp re-release by Yoko Yamabe @ Randesign
Bill Laswell: bass, sounds, processing, treatments; Liu Sola: voice, sounds; Jeff Bova: keyboards, sounds; Nicky Skopelitis: guitars, sounds; Buckethead: guitars, sounds; Robert Musso: treatments, sounds.

          1993 - Subharmonic (USA), SD 7001-2 (CD)
          1993 - Interactive Multimedia Corporation/Subharmonic (USA), no catalog # (CDROM)
          2016 - Bill Laswell Bandcamp (digital)
Note: The IMC release contained software that would coordinate images with the audio when played on a computer.


Though few in the U.S. have noticed, bassist/producer Bill Laswell has quietly developed into the greatest American progenitor of the ambient sound pioneered by Brian Eno, fusing it with elements of dub, funk, and world music forms to expand the genre's boundaries. For the first release from his Divination project, Laswell enlisted the aid of frequent collaborators like avant-garde Chinese vocalist Liu Sola and guitarists Nicky Skopelitis and Buckethead to concoct a trippy eight-song excursion into the outer limits of ambient sound. Deep, almost subterranean basslines are layered with psychedelic waves of spacey dub effects, casting a droning spell of enchantment that hypnotizes the listener with its swirling, intoxicating brew. An irresistible experiment in extreme ambient dub.

Bret Love (courtesy of the All Music Guide website)