1/  City of Leaves                             (Deyhim,Horowitz)             6.31
  2/  Tender Gaze                                (Deyhim,Horowitz)             2.50
  3/  Glyphs on the Horizon                      (Deyhim,Horowitz)             4.21
  4/  Dukebox                                    (Deyhim,Bojadziev)            5.12
  5/  Searching For You                          (SD,Laswell,Erguner,Nauseef)  7.04
  6/  Fire Within                                (Deyhim,Horowitz)             6.13
  7/  Autumn                                     (Deyhim,Horowitz)             1.02
  8/  Beshno Az Ney/Windfall                     (Deyhim)                      5.38
  9/  The Secret Garden                          (Deyhim,Miller)               4.54

          Track 5 recorded at Orange Music, West Orange, New Jersey
          Additional recording on track 3 by Walter Quintus at CMP Studio, Germany
          Engineer on track 5: Robert Musso
          Assistant on track 5: James Dellatacoma
          Tracks 1,3 and 5 produced by Sussan Deyhim and Richard Horowitz
          Tracks 2 and 7 produced by Richard Horowitz
          Track 4 produced by Sussan Deyhim and Duke Bojadziev
          Track 5 produced by Sussan Deyhim and Bill Laswell
          Additional production on track 5 by Kurt Renker
          Track 8 produced by Sussan Deyhim
          Track 9 produced by Sussan Deyhim and DJ Spooky
Sussan Deyhim: vocals, various instruments, percussion; Richard Horowitz (1,2,3,6,7): keyboards, ney; Gingger Shankar (1): violin; Jonathan Beard (1): cello; Bill Laswell (5): bass, additional instruments; Kudsi Erguner (5): ney; Mark Nauseef (5): meditation bells; DJ Spooky (9): turntables; Duke Bojadziev (4): keyboards.

All Vocals and Vocals Arrangments by Susan Deyhim

          2010 - Venus Rising (USA), no catalog number (CD)
          2011 - Venus Rising (USA), VR007 (CD)
Note: The 2010 version contained only tracks 1,4,5 and 6 in a slightly different order.
Note: This is available through Sussan Deyhim's website.
Note: 'Searching For You' can also be found on the Meta Station compilation Aspiration.