Original Release:
  1/  Emmanuel                                   (Scott,Buchanan)              3.57
  2/  Greater David                              (Scott,Buchanan)              4.10
  3/  Sizzle Bud                                 (Scott)                       4.49
  4/  Higher Than High                           (Scott)                       3.58
  5/  Not a Word                                 (Scott)                       6.16
  6/  Dubbing Is a Must                          (Scott)                       4.21
  7/  Wake Up                                    (Scott,Buchanan)              4.19
  8/  Health Food                                (Scott)                       4.01
  9/  Each Breath I Take                         (Scott)                       4.09
  10/ Hey Geoff                                  (Scott)                       4.15
  11/ Higher Than High Version 2                 (Scott)                       4.11
  12/ Emmanuel Version 2                         (Scott)                       3.54

 2023 Re-issue:
  13/ Dubbing Is a Must (extended loop mix)      (Scott)                       7.13
  14/ Hey Geoff (extended loop mix)              (Scott)                       8.18
  15/ Health Food (extended remix)               (Scott)                       6.26
  16/ Dub Meltdown                               (Scott,Dubvisionist)          4.14

          Recorded at Studio 2000 and Tuff Gong Studio, Kingston, Jamaica
          Engineer: Alon Adiri
          Assistant: Darren Grant
          Overdubbed at Greenpoint Studios and Playroom Studio, New York, New York
          Mixed by Adrian Sherwood at On-U Sound
          Produced and arranged by Lincoln "Style" Scott
          Edited and mastered by Alan Branch, On-U Funny Farm
          Direct Metal Mastering (re-issue): H.P. (Hendrik Pauler)
Lincoln "Style" Scott: drums, percussion, backing vocals; Errol "Flabba" Holt, Bill Laswell & Bagga: bass; Dalton Brownie: rhythm guitar; Vincent Black: lead guitar; Skip McDonald: guitar, backing vocals; Asher: keyboards, piano; Steely Johnson: piano; Noel Brownie & Ricky: keyboards; Alon Adiri: samples; Sovra: violin; Big Youth: vocals (7,8,9); Little David: vocals (7).

          1998 - Lion & Roots (Jamaica), 002LP (Vinyl)
          1998 - Lion & Roots (Germany), 002CD (CD)
          1998 - Shanachie (USA), 45038 (CD)
          2023 - Echo Beach (Germany), EB 200 (2xCD)
          2023 - Echo Beach (Germany), EB 200 (2xVinyl)
Note: The Lion & Roots vinyl version omits 8, 11 and 12.
Note: The Shanachie release does not contain tracks 11 and 12 and sequences the albums differently.
Note: The 2023 versions contains the entire Lion & Roots release with bonus mixes, though the vinyl omits track 16.


[…] Pretty much the same could be said of the second Dub Syndicate release of the year, though 'Fear Of A Green Planet' benefits from Scott's reunion with Sherwood on mixing duties, as well as guest bass from one Bill Laswell. In fact, quite why this wasn't released as one double CD isn't readily apparent; perhaps it's that the mix of the tracks here is subtly different in Sherwood's application of effects and filters, and the feel of the album is more in the style of the On-U days as a result. This is especially evident on "Dubbing Is A Must" with its backing vocals from Skip McDonald, and in the almost Electro keyboard stabs of "Wake Up", while "Higher Than High" is a particularly commendable effort in the use of samples, reverb and echo. Big Youth and Little David's vocals are both extended into long "Jaaaahh Rastafari's" over the two opening tracks too, which, along with the extensive use of violin, set the scene nicely for what is overall the more contemplative and satisfying of the two releases. (edited from a split review)

Antron S. Meister (courtesy of the Frequency website)


Fear of a Green Planet represents a slightly bizarre episode in the ongoing Dub Syndicate project; for one thing, it's on the Shanachie label instead of On-U Sound, the band's home base. Second of all, it is rumored to be an alternate mix (by regular producer Adrian Sherwood) of an On-U release titled Mellow & Colly (mixed by Scientist), though there are contradicting reports in that regard (another version of the story has the alternate mix released under the title Fear of a Green Planet, but on the Lion & Roots label with two bonus tracks). In any case, this is one of the most satisfying Dub Syndicate albums in years. The mainly instrumental tracks walk that familiar fine line between strictly traditional roots reggae and avant-garde craziness that Sherwood and Dub Syndicate helped to define back in the 1980s, and the grooves (courtesy of drummer "Style" Scott and bassist "Flabba" Holt are darker and heavier than ever. The guest musicians are particularly distinguished this time out as well — Bill Laswell contributes bass lines on several tracks, and singjay pioneer Big Youth sits in on three others. Highlights include the spare and eerie "Hey Geoff" and the melodica-powered "Greater David." Highly recommended.

4 stars out of 5

Rick Anderson (courtesy of the All Music Guide website)