1/  Fire                                        (Brown,Crane)                 5.11
  2/  Morning High                                (Rimbaud,Laswell)             3.03
          Track 1 recorded by Bob Blank
          Track 1 mixed by Tom Saverese
          Track 2 mixed by Bill Laswell
          Track 1 produced by DJ Banes
          Track 2 produced by Bill Laswell
Lizzt Mercier Descloux: bass (1), vocals (1,2), guitar (1), percussion (1); Patti Smith (1): vocals; Chris Wilshire (1): backing vocals; Mari Jo Kaplan (1): backing vocals; Ramona Brooks (1): backing vocals; Ken Smith (1): bass; Jack Cavari (1): guitars; Bud Maltin: (1): sax; Allen Wentz (1): synthesizer.

          2014 - Light In the Attic (USA), LITA45-034 (7")
Note: This was released on blue vinyl, limited to 1,000 copies for Record Store Day, November 28, 2014.


[…snipped from a larger review…] Wisely programmed last in the order is “Morning High,” a ’95 duet with Patti Smith featuring music by Bill Laswell, guitar by Smith’s regular collaborator Oliver Ray, and the words of shared lit hero Arthur Rimbaud. Smith’s English is echoed in French, and as it unfolds the beauty of Descloux’s bohemian essence shines brilliantly.

Joseph Neff (courtesy of the The Vinyl District website)