1/  Headed To the Streets                      (Shirelle,McKinney,Springer)  4.09
  2/  Headed To the Streets [Bill Laswell mix]   (Shirelle,McKinney,Springer)  5.12
  3/  Headed To the Streets                      (Shirelle,McKinney,Springer)  3.33
      [dr. israel Industrial mix]

          Recorded atWarren Correctional Institution, Lebanon, OH and revolutionsound
            Brooklyn, New York
          B.L. Shirelle recorded at Woo Woo Studio, Philadelphia, PA
          Engineered and mixed by Dr. Israel
          Produced by Fury Young
          Co-Produced by Dr. Israel
          Track 2 remixed at Orange Music, West Orange, New Jersey
          Remix engineer: James Dellatacoma
          Track 2 reconstruction and mix translation by Bill Laswell
          Mastered by Dr. Israel for revolutionsound
Anthony McKinney: vocal 1, drums; B.L. Shirelle: vocal 2; Dexter Nurse: background vocals; Ezette Edouard: backround vocal; Derrick Foley: guitar; gHSTS & gUITARS: lead guitar; Mark B. Springer: keys; Sedrick Franklin: bass; Bill Laswell (2): additional bass, effects.
          2018 - Die Jim Crow (USA) (digital only)
Note: This was released through the Die Jim Crow Bandcamp site.