1/  Pata Piya (extended version)               (Dibango,Laswell)             
  2/  Pata Piya (radio edit)                     (Dibango,Laswell)             
  3/  Abele Dance ('85 Remix)                    (Dibango,Meissonier)

          Recorded at Plus 30 Studio, Paris, France
          Mixed by Godwin Logie
          Produced by Bill Laswell for Material/OAO
Manu Dibango: tenor, baritone and soprano sax, piano, DX-7, vocals; Wally Badarou (1,2): Yamaha DX-7, Oberheim OB-8; Bill Laswell (1,2): DMX, Fairlight CMI, AMS; Nicky Skopelitis (1,2): guitar; Aiyb Dieng (1,2): jimbe, talking drum, cowbell, chatan; Valerie Lobe and Brice Lobe (1,2): drums, percussion; Joseph Kuo (1,2): Simmons drums; Jerry Malekani and Vincent Nguini: guitar; Francis Mbappe: bass, vocals; Florence Titty Dimbeng and Sissy Dipoko: vocals; Segona Peter Tholo (1,2): trumpet; Wouassi Brice (3): percussion..

          1985 - Streetwave/Celluloid (UK), CEL 705 (12")