1/  For Rose                                   (Cimino)                       1.55
  2/  Rituals of the Outer Order                 (Cimino)                       5.12
  3/  Descent Into the Fog                       (Cimino)                       4.06
  4/  To Go Past the Sand                        (Cimino)                       3.48
  5/  Rituals of the Inner Order                 (Cimino)                       6.46
  6/  The Four Forms                             (Cimino)                       5.13
  7/  The Principle of Vibration, Pt I & II      (Cimino)                       8.27
  8/  The Principle of Vibration, Pt IV          (Cimino)                       5.56

          Recorded in Rohnert Park, Pacifica & Berkley, CA
          Additional recording at Orange Music, West Orange, NJ
          Engineer at Orange: James Dellatacoma
          Arranged & mixed by Monte Cimino
          Mastered by Michael Valentine Wesy
          DMH logo by Yoko Yamabe @ Randesign
          Design & layout: Dan Smith, Windy - Ayers Wray & Monte Cimino
Monte Cimino: guitar, organ, piano, Realistic Moog, processing, efx; Bill Laswell: bass (7,8); Colin Hamilton: violin (5).

          2023 - Monte Cimino Bandcamp (CD)