1/  Reflection                                 (Laswell,Laraaji)             16.12
  2/  Waterbass                                  (Laswell)                     8.53
  3/  Still                                      (Laswell,Laraaji)             16.08
  4/  Airbass                                    (Laswell)                     6.48

          Recorded at Orange Music Sound Studios, West Orange, New Jersey
          Engineering: Robert Musso
          Created by Bill Laswell for META
          META: Janet Rienstra
          Material Design: John Brown
          Axiom/OM: Bill Murphy
          Orange: Amy Hersenhoren
          Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper at Turtle Tone Studio, NYC
Bill Laswell: basses, sounds; Laraaji: electric zither.

          1998 - META (USA), MT-002 (CD)
          2016 - Bill Laswell Bandcamp


A recording of the Ambient Laswell variety; there's at least four other albums on this page that fit that description. This one takes a distinctly Indian turn, as one might suspect from the blatantly Indian cover art. Four songs, no particular distinction or definition between them, resolving into a long sequence of deep soundscapes shared by inquiring zither. An all-night-sucker of an album. The Divination stuff is pretty readily available, so your local shop could get one for ya.

Dan Foley (courtesy of the Ambience For the Masses website)