1/  The Candle and the Moth                   (Deyhim)                       5.42
  2/  Bade Saba (The Wind of Saba)              (Deyhim,Laswell)               11.32
  3/  Daylaman (Inextricable)                   (Deyhim,Kale)                  4.12
  4/  Meykhaneh (Wine Cave)                     (Deyhim,Laswell)               5.24
  5/  Navai (Savage Bird)                       (Deyhim,Kale)                  5.18
  6/  Negara (Mesmerized Mirror)                (Deyhim,Kale)                  4.18
  7/  Gereyley (Nocturnal Dialogue)             (Deyhim)                       6.46
  8/  Hamcho Farhad                             (Deyhim)                       2.14
      (Our Tears, Our Wine, Our Sight)

          Original tracks recorded, arranged and produced by Sussan Deyhim
          Shy Angels created at Orange Music, West Orange New Jersey
          Engineering: Robert Musso
          Reconstruction and Mixed Translation: Bill Laswell
ORIGINAL MUSICIANS: Richard Horowitz (2): strings & sample arrangement; Reggie Workman: acoustic bass; Reza Derakhshani: tar, setar, kamanche, ney; Dawn Avery: cello; Glen Velez: daf; Hearn Gadbois: zarb; Michael Harrison: tamboura.
ADDITIONAL MUSICIANS: Abegasu Shiota: electric piano; Karsh Kale: drums, tabla, programming; Bill Laswell: bass, synthesizer; Zakir Hussain: tabla; Hamid Drake: drums, tabla; Aiyb Dieng: chatan; Abdou Mboup: percussion.

All Vocals and Vocals Arrangments by Susan Deyhim

          2002 - Crammed Discs (Belgium), CRAW 26 (CD)
Note: This is a re-working of Deyhim's album MADMAN OF GOD.