1/  Beautiful Thing                           (Doncker)                      3.34
  2/  Lucky Day                                 (Doncker,Sadownick)            3.58
  3/  License For Love                          (Doncker,Sadownick)            6.03
  4/  Heart Full Of Blue                        (Doncker,Sadownick)            4.44
  5/  Please Me                                 (Doncker,Maynard,King)         3.59
  6/  Falling In                                (Doncker,Sadownick)            1.01
  7/  Small World                               (Doncker,Sadownick)            3.55
  8/  Children Of Darfur                        (Doncker,Sadownick)            5.19
  9/  License For Love                          (Doncker,Steele,Sadownick)     5.56
      (B. Steele Boudoir Re-Mix)
  10/ Conscience Of The World                   (Doncker)                      4.20
      (Bill Laswell Re-Mix)  

          Recorded and mixed at by Benny Steele at The Steele Factory, Brooklyn, NY
          Basic tracks on 1 and 5 recorded at Orange Music Sound, Orange, New
            Jersey by James Dellatacoma
          Assistant engineers and pro-tools editing ar The Steele Factory: Garvin
            James, Ben Cohen and Bleu Bailey
          Track 10 remixed at Orange Music Sound, Orange, New Jersey
          Engineer on track 10: Robert Musso
          Assistant on track 10: James Dellatacoma
          Track 10 additional production and mix translation by Bill Laswell
          Produced Tomas Doncker
          Co-produced by Daniel Sadownick and Benny Steele
          Track 5 co-produced by Booker King
Tomas Doncker: lead vocals, background vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, dobro; Daniel Sadownick: percussion; Booker King: bass; Alan Grubner: violin; Nick Rolfe: keyboards; Tobias Ralph: drums; Benny Steele: drums, keyboards, programming; Dayna Hollins: background vocals (9,10); Bill Laswell: bass (10); Gigi: vocals (10); Martha Redbone: background vocals (2); Karen Bernod: background vocals (2); Keith Fluitt: background vocals (2); Camelia Qabazard: backing vocals (8); Karma Johnson: backing vocals (8), spoken word (8); Audrey Martells: background vocals (7); Salem Woldermariam: lead guitar (7); Josh Geisler: bamboo flute (10); Ayib Dieng: talking drum (7); Etienne Lytle: keyboard (3,4,8); Kevin Jenkins: background vocals (1,5); Alan Grubner: string arrangements; Caitlin Meissner: spoken word (6); KUKU: Yoruba chant vocals (7).

          2010 - True Groove Records/BDG/Red (USA), 9357384978 (CD)