All hands on deck. It's imperative that all of us, together, work for positive change in this challenging moment. 2018 is a crucial year in the history of equality and democracy in our country and around the globe. It's easy to be demoralized by the blizzard of news. UPLIFT began as a reminder - to myself - to stay positive, stay active, and stay engaged. I hope this message reaches others through this music. Each monthly release will be devoted to a major issue of concern for this world and its people: voting rights, racial equality, women's rights, LGBTQ rights, welcoming immigrants, wealth equality, diplomacy, science and education, humanities and culture, sensible gun laws, love of our environment and our culture, love for each other. Peace.

  1/  The Power of the Vote                      (Douglas)                     4.30
  2/  The Power of the Vote - Take One           (Douglas)                     5.35
  3/  Lift All Boats                             (Douglas)                     5.01
  4/  Every Town                                 (Douglas)                     5.55
  5/  Truly the Sun                              (Douglas)                     5.47
  6/  Love Is a Battle                           (Douglas)                     3.45
  7/  Trail of Dreams                            (Douglas)                     6.54
  8/  A Tree Planted By the Rivers of Water      (Douglas)                     4.20
  9/  Sharing a Small Planet                     (Douglas)                     5.48
  10/ Sharing a Small Planet - Take One          (Douglas)                     4.57
  11/ Shine Like the Dawn                        (Douglas)                     4.46
  12/ Fear No Love                               (Douglas)                     5.01
  13/ The Garden                                 (Douglas)                     7.01
  14/ Truth Is Truth                             (Douglas)                     3.22
  15/ Truth Is Truth - Take One                  (Douglas)                     4.02

          Recorded and mixed by Tyler McDiarmid at Orange Music Sound Studio at
            Orange, NJ on December 11, 2017
          Produced by Dave Douglas
          Artwork by Yoko Yamabe at Randesign
Dave Douglas: trumpet; Joe Lovano: tenor saxophone, alto clarinet, alto flute, mezzo soprano sax; Mary Halvorson: guitar; Julian Lage: guitar; Bill Laswell: bass; Ian Chang: drums and electronics.

          2018 - Greenleaf Music (USA) (digital)
          2018 - Greenleaf Music (USA), GRE-CD-1068 (CD)
Note: This was released originally as a subscriber exclusive through Dave Douglas' Bandcamp site with a track released on the 1st of each month of 2018.
Note: The CD version - which does not include the extra takes - was only made available as a bonus if you purchased a subscription to Greenleaf Recordings through Bandcamp.