Side A:
  1/  New Funk Generation                        (Prince,Prince,FFF)           3.21
  2/  Marco                                      (M. Prince)                   5.26
  3/  Devil In Me                                (M. Prince)                   4.42
  4/  La Complainte Du Plombler                  (Prince,Prince,FFF)           3.53

 Side B:
  5/  Doctor Love                                (Prince,Prince,FFF)           3.54
  6/  Tout Le Kifff                              (Prince,Squat,FFF)            5.34
  7/  Maman Krie                                 (CM,Monthieux,FFF)            5.43
  8/  Requiem Pour Un Con                        (Serge Gainsbourg)            3.59
  9/  Trash A Muffin                             (M. Prince,FFF)               1.33

 Side C:
  10/ fff?/How Do You Do? (live)                 (Herpin Jr/Soul Partners)     2.46
  11/ She's The One (live)                       (Brown,Ballard)               6.46

 Side D:
  12/ Santa Claus                                (Prince,Prince,FFF)           6.03
  13/ Kamarad                                    (Prince,Prince,FFF)           5.16
  14/ Surprises                                  (????)                        0.54

          Studio tracks (except for Side D, Track 3) recorded March-April 1991 at
            Greenpoint Studio, Brooklyn, New York and Platinum Island Studios, NY
          Studio tracks (except for Side D, Track 3) engineered by Oz Fritz
          Studio tracks (except for Side D, Track 3) mixed by Jason Corsaro and 
            Oz Fritz at Platinum Island Studio
          Assistant: Wes Weinberg
          Studio tracks (except for Side D, Track 3) produced by Bill Laswell
          Production co-ordination: Tony Meilandt and Suzy Gaal
          Mastered by Howie Weinberg at Masterdisk
F.F.F.: [French Funk Federation] - Yarol: guitar; Feel X: keyboards; Niktu: bass; Krichou: drums; Prof. Jah Pinpin: saxophones; Marco: lead vocals, trombone.

Gary "Mudbone" Cooper (1,2,5): vocals; Afrika "Baby" Bam and Mike G. (6): vocals; T-Bone (1,2,4,5): congas, bongos; Aiyb Dieng (2,4,5,8): chatan, talking drums, bells, congas; P.F.A.S. (Paris Funk All-Stars) (1,5): guest background vocals; Lola P.: child’s voice; Krichou (7): lead vocal.

          1991 - Epic (France), 468700-1 (2x12")
Note: This was a limited edition of 1500 copies.