1/  Dreamspeed                                 (Fier,Laswell,Phew)           5.45
  2/  Being and Time                             (Fier,Laswell,Phew)           7.40
  3/  Emotional Smear                            (Fier,BL,Stein,Phew)          4.46
  4/  Cloud Without Water                        (Fier,Laswell,Stein,Makino)   8.36
  5/  Time Function                              (Fier,Laswell,Phew)           5.33
  6/  A Vague Sense of Order                     (Fier,Laswell,Phew)           9.43
      (Bloody Miles Mix)                          Mixed by A.Fier & Oz Fritz
  7/  Never Come Morning                         (Fier,Laswell,Phew)           5.49
  8/  Dreamspeed                                 (Fier,Laswell,Phew)           14.22
      (Realm of the Senseless Mix)                Mixed by Bill Laswell		
  9/  A Vague Sense of Order                     (Fier,Laswell,Phew)           6.03

          Recorded at Greenpoint Studio, Brooklyn, New York, June-October 1992
          Engineered by Oz Fritz, Matt Stein and Bruce Calder
          Drum Tech: Steve Klatz
          Produced and arranged by Anton Fier
          Executive Producers: John Zorn and Disk Union
          Associate producer: Kazunori Sugiyama
          Mastered by Howie Weinberg
Anton Fier: drums, percussion, samples, loops; Bill Laswell: bass; Bootsy Collins (except 5): rhythm guitars, (pushing the) envelope filter guitar; Matt Stein: loops, samples; Phew (except 4): voice; Buckethead (1,2,7,8): young & innocent guitar, teen metal guitar; Makino Kazu (1,4,8): moaning, voice.

          1993 - Avant (Japan), AVAN 009 (CD)