1/  Devil In Me                                (M. Prince)         
      (Soulpower Radio Remix)
  2/  Marco                                      (M. Prince)
      (Remix Radio)
  3/  AC2N (Acid Rain)                           (Prince,Prince,FFF)
      (Hyono Hype Gravitu Sensor Mix)
  4/  Devil In Me                                (M. Prince)         
      (Soul Power Club Mix)
  5/  Marco                                      (M. Prince)
      (Dee Nasty's Gogo Funk Mix)
  6/  AC2N (Acid Rain)                           (Prince,Prince,FFF)
      (Jungle "Go Back To Your Country" Groove Mix) 

          Remix and additional production on tracks 1 and 3 by Soul Shock
          Track 2 remixed by Reynald "Crazy Frenchman" Dechamps
          Track 3 remixed by President Nikson (Bill Laswell) and A. Hughes
          Track 5 remixed by DJ Dee/Nasty
          Track 6 remixed by Marco, Aleem and A. Hughes
          Produced by Bill Laswell
Gary "Mudbone" Cooper (2,4): vocals; T-Bone (2,4): congas, bongos; Aiyb Dieng (2,4): chatan, talking drums, bells, congas.

F.F.F.: [French Funk Federation] - Yarol: guitar; Feel X: keyboards; Niktub: bass; Krichou: drums; Prof. Jah Pinpin: saxophones; Marco: lead vocals, trombone.

          1992 - Epic/Sony (France), 5682 (CD)
Note: Bill Laswell does not play on this single.