1/  Lizard Point                               (Eno,Beinhorn,Gros,Laswell)   4.34
  2/  The Lost Day                               (Eno)                         9.13
  3/  Tal Coat                                   (Eno)                         5.30
  4/  Shadow                                     (Eno)                         3.00
  5/  Lantern Marsh                              (Eno)                         5.33
  6/  Unfamiliar Wind (Leeks Hills)              (Eno)                         5.23
  7/  A Clearing                                 (Eno)                         4.09
  8/  Dunwich Beach, Autumn, 1960                (Eno)                         7.13

          Recorded between September 1978 and January 1982 at Grant Avenue Studios,
            Ontario, Canada, Sigma Sound, New York, Celestial Sound, New York, RPM
            Studio, New York, Basing Street, London, England and OAO Studio, Brooklyn,
            New York
          Produced by Brian Eno
Brian Eno: sounds; Michael Beinhorn (1): synthesizer; Axel Gros (1): guitar; Bill Laswell (1): bass; Jon Hassell (4): trumpet; Michael Brook (8): guitar; Daniel Lanois (8): live equilization.

          1982 - Editions EG (USA), EGED 20 (Vinyl)
          1982 - Editions EG/Polydor (France), 2311 107 (Vinyl)
          1982 - Editions EG/Polydor (Japan), 28MM 0142 (Vinyl)
          1986 - Editions EG (UK), EEGCD 20 (CD)
          1986 - Editions EG (USA), EEGCD 20 (CD)
          1988 - Virgin Records (Japan), VJD-28039 (CD)
          1997 - Editions EG/Virgin (UK), 0777 7 871373-2/EEGCD 20 (CD)
          2004 - Toshiba EMI (Japan), VJCP-68705 (CD)
          2007 - Editions EG/Virgin (UK), 7243 8 66499-2/ENOCD 8 (CD)


A compelling recording of an artist fullfilling a vision of conscious exploration "exaggerating and inventing rather than replicating spaces, experimenting in particular with various techniques of time distortion" - spawning like minded individuals to create what is now one of the most inventive and boundryless musical forms evolving today. Rich in texture and rooted in possibilities and the influence of idea (note the "Tal Coat" and "Unfamiliar Wind (Leeks Hills)" one note moving bass line which found refuge in the music of U2's Unforgettable Fire). In his search for organic quality of sounds (the frogs on "Leeks Hills" is the perfect product of this experiment) Eno states that he found the synthesiser of "limited usefulness because its sound tended towards a diagramimatic quality." Altho this work is hauntingly electro-mechanical, and could find a home in any of the various Nova "skycam documentaries" recounting observation planes aiming their soaring camera lenses at the sweeping country-side below; it's total composition is a success and one of his best earlier works and acheivments. It doesn't hurt getting help from Michael Beinhorn (synth) and Bill Laswell (bass) either.

J Laramie (courtesy of the Green Mountain Music Reviews website)