1/  Search                                     (E.B.N.)                      0.59
  2/  Electronic Behavior Control System         (E.B.N.)                      4.32
  3/  Go To                                      (E.B.N.)                      0.12
  4/  Sexual Orientation                         (E.B.N.)                      3.06
  5/  Station Identification                     (E.B.N.)                      4.40
  6/  Get Down Ver. 2.2                          (E.B.N.)                      3.45
  7/  Shoot the Mac 10                           (E.B.N.)                      4.02
  8/  You Have 5 Seconds To Complete This Section(E.B.N.)                      3.06
  9/  Super Zen State (Power Chant No. 3)        (E.B.N.)                      6.50
  10/ State Extension                            (E.B.N.)                      1.14
  11/ Interruption                               (E.B.N.)                      0.22
  12/ Dream Induction                            (E.B.N.)                      3.20
  13/ Transition                                 (E.B.N.)                      0.05
  14/ Electronic Behavior Control                (E.B.N.)                      2.24
           System Ver. 2.0
  15/ We Must Have the Facts                     (E.B.N.)                      3.04
  16/ Interference                               (E.B.N.)                      0.13
  17/ 3:7:8                                      (E.B.N.)                      3.42
  18/ Beginning of the End                       (E.B.N.)                      2.45
  19/ Homicidal Schizophrenic (A Lad Insane)     (E.B.N.)                      4.07
  20/ End of the Audio Program                   (E.B.N.)                      0.45

          Recorded at Normandy Sound, Warren, Rhode Island
          Engineered and mixed by Jack Dangers and Josh Tobias
          Assisted by Scruffy Graft
          Data Collection and information analysis by Emergency Broadcast Network
          Audio Video production: Joshua Pearson, Gardner Post and Ron O’Donnell
          Musical production and audio preproduction by Jack Dangers
          Track 6 additional production by Tom Soares
          Track 7 additional production and mix translation by Bill Laswell
          Track 19 remix by Brian Eno and Markus Davis
          Postproduction digital editing, hardware, instruction and inspiration by Greg Deocampo
          Additional postproduction assistance and engineering by Toby Fitch
Joshua Pearson: sequence programming, voice-overs; Ron O'Donnell: turntable operation; Jack Dangers: additional turntable manipulation, e-bow, audio simulations, re-sequencing; Bill Laswell (2,14): additional sounds, bass; Grand Master Melle Mel (7): additional vocals; Brian Eno (19): keyboard solo; Jamie West-Oram (19): guitar.

          1995 - TVT Records (USA), TVT 4710-2 (Enhanced CD+Floppy Disc)


Because EBN are just as much a multimedia performance group as they are a band, there was some question as to how they would fare in the audio-only format. But the group has succeeded with "Telecommunication Breakdown," their first full-length album. Produced by the band and Jack Dangers, "Telecommunication Breakdown" has a very smooth, unforced feel. Some tracks feature the voice of frontman Josh Pearson, while other just contain the manipulated samples that the group is famous for. One song, "Shoot The Mac 10" features guest rapper Melle Mell (of The Furious Five). The use of samples work particularly well because of the huge number of them and the skillful manipulation. EBN donŐt just take recognizable samples to give their songs a hook, they use them as the raw material. Because of EBN's non traditional approach to music, it takes a few listenings to fully appreciate "Telecommunication Breakdown." But once you do, you'll marvel at the bands creative manipulation of found sounds.

Bob Gourley (courtesy of the Chaos Control Digizine website)