This album features five remixes of songs from the album THE ANATOMY OF ADDICTION, by Bill Laswell, Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine), Justin Broadrick (Godflesh), Kevin Martin & Lumberjacks (New Kingdom).

  1/  Gold Teeth                                 (God)                         4.42
      (Charles Atlas Mix)                        Produced by Lumberjacks
  2/  Bloodstream                                (God)                         10.32
      (The Evening Redness in the West Mix)      Produced by Bill Laswell
  3/  On All Fours                               (God)                         4.44
      (Biomechanical Mix)                        Produced by J. Broadrick
  4/  Tunnel                                     (God)                         6.44
      (Electro-Convulsive Mix)                   Produced by Kevin Shields
  5/  Bloodstream                                (God)                         9.44
      (Peckinpah Mix)                            Produced by K-Mart	

          Track 1 produced by Lumberjacks
          Track 2 produced by Bill Laswell
          Track 2 engineered by Robert Musso
          Assistant: Layng Martine
          Track 3 remixed and produced by Justin Broadrick
          Track 4 remixed and produced by Kevin Shields
          Track 4 engineered by Colm O’Ciosoig
          Track 5 Produced by K*Mart
          Track 5 engineered by The Mighty Buess
(1) Chris Lovejoy: clay drums, bells; DJ StarChild: cuts.

          1995 - Big Cat Records (UK), ABB79XCD (CD)


The final God release was actually a remix album done by friends and associates of Martin, who generally did an enjoyable job. Martin himself handles one particular mix, the 'Peckinpah' version of "Bloodstream," which closes the record with an enjoyably dank revision of the original, Kiehl's percussion work here given even more prominence. Elsewhere, Martin's fellow God cohort Broadrick reassembles "On All Fours" via his 'biomechanical' mix, though aside from mixing out some of the original music, it's not much of a change (or an improvement — looping Martin's "Hyeeeena!" lyric makes for a slightly silly start). Another Martin bandmate, though from Experimental Audio Research, also contributes — Kevin Shields, who along with My Bloody Valentine drummer Colm O'Ciosoig revamps "Tunnel" into the 'electro-convulsive' mix. Sax parts in particular get treated to become even more haunting and drone-tinged, while the rougher rhythm, accentuated by one of the original bass lines, slowly rumbles along. Martin's spiritual cousin from New York City, Bill Laswell, tries his own take on "Bloodstream," the wordily-titled 'the evening redness in the west' mix. Laswell puts Martin’s vocals in a dark, stripped-down setting, bass and then drums the most prominent of the instruments, while guitar wails and riffs snake in and out of the background. Perhaps most entertaining and inspired of all the mixes comes at the beginning, though — the 'Charles Atlas' mix of "Gold Teeth," handled by the Lumberjacks, then noted for their work with New Kingdom. Martin's rasped lyrics are kept but stripped of most of the surrounding music, resulting in a loping, mysterious shuffle not far off from early Wu-Tang with a drugged-out, psychedelic overlay. It's a creative blending of styles that works better than might initially be thought.

2 1/2 stars out of 5

Ned Raggett courtesy of the All Music Guide website