A HISTORY (1982-1985)

This is a collection of all the songs off The Golden Palominos first two albums, with the exception of track one from their first disc, "Clean Plate".

  1/  Hot Seat                                   (Fier,Miller,Noyes)           5.14
  2/  Under The Cap                              (Fier,Lindsay)                5.33
  3/  Monday Night                               (Fier,Lindsay)                6.31
  4/  Cookout                                    (Fier)                        4.38
  5/  I.D.                                       (Fier,Lindsay)                6.45
  6/  Two Sided Fist                             (Fier,Lindsay,Frith)          7.45
  7/  Boy (Go)                                   (Fier,Harris,Stipe)           5.27
  8/  Clustering Train                           (Fier,Harris,Stipe)           6.05
  9/  Omaha                                      (Skip Spence)                 3.10
  10/ The Animal Speaks                          (Robert Kidney)               4.05
  11/ Silver Bullet                              (Fier,Harris,Straw,Cullum)    5.07
  12/ (Kind of) True                             (Fier,Harris,Straw)           4.45
  13/ Buenos Aries                               (Fier,NS,Straw)               3.45
  14/ Only One Party                             (Fier,Harris,Lindsay)         4.30

          Tracks 1-6 recorded at Radio City Music Hall Studio and OAO Studio, New
            York, 1983
          Tracks 1-6 engineered by Martin Bisi and Don Hunerberg
          Tracks 1-6 mixed by Martin Bisi, Bill Laswell and Anton Fier at OAO Studio,
            Brooklyn, and RPM Studio, NYC
          Assistant at RPM : Mike Krowiak
          Tracks 1-6 produced by Bill Laswell and Anton Fier
          Tracks 1-6 Associate Producers: Martin Bisi and Arto Lindsay
          Tracks 1-6 Executive Producers: Karakos and Roger Trilling
          Tracks 7-14 recorded at Radio City Music Hall Studio, New York
          Engineered by Don Hunerberg
          Additional recording on tracks 7-14 at Evergreen Recording, Olympic Studio,
            Kurt Renker’s Studio and Grog Kill Studio
          Engineers at Evergreen: Lothar Segeler, Rob Stevens, Hahn Rowe and
            Robert Musso
          Engineer at Olympic: Doug Bennet
          Engineer at Kut Renker: Walter Quintus
          Engineer at Grog Kill: Tom Mark
          Tracks 7,8,10,11,12 and 13 mixed by “Iron” Mike Krowiak at RPM Studio
          Track 9 mixed by Dave Jerden at RPM Studio
          Track 14 mixed by Seigen Ono at Grog Kill Studio
          Tracks 7-14 produced and Arranged by Anton Fier
          Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound
Anton Fier: drums, percussion, DMX; Arto Lindsay (1,2,3,5,6,14): guitar, vocals; Fred Frith (5,6): guitar, violin; Bill Laswell: prepared fretless bass, 4,6 & 8 string basses, shortwave,Steinberger bass, slide bass, piano strings, turntables; Jamaaladeen Tacuma (6): Steinberger bass; David Moss (2,6): non rythmic percussion, Bertoia Sound Sculptures; John Zorn (1,2,3,5,6): alto, clarinets, game calls; M.E. Miller (1,3): vocals, turntables; Michael Beinhorn (1,4): DMX, bass drum, piano; Nicky Skopelitis (3,5,13): guitar; Thi-Linh Le (3): vocals; Roger Trilling (4): records; Jody Harris (7,8,10,11,12,13,14): guitar, slide guitar; Richard Thompson (7,11,12,13): guitar; Bernie Worrell (7,8,10,11): Hammond organ; Syd Straw (7,11,12,13): vocals, background vocals; Chris Stamey (7,8,9,12): background vocals, piano, guitar; Michael Stipe (7,8,9): vocals; Mike Hampton (8): lead guitar; Henry Kaiser (9): guitar; John Lydon (10): vocals; Jack Bruce (11): vocals, harp; Carla Bley (12,13): Hammond organ; Arto Lindsay (8): guitar, vocal.

          1992 - Metronome Records/Mau Mau (UK), MAUCD 625 (CD)