1/  Dying From the Inside Out (edit)           (Fier,Skopelitis,Mould)       4.45

          Recorded at Platinum Island, NYC, Grog Kill, Willow, NY, Dreamland, West
            Hurley, New York, Mark Angelo, London, Sunset Sound Factory, Los Angeles,
            RPM, New York City & Greenpoint Studio, Brooklyn, New York
          Engineers: Oz Fritz, Mike Krowiak, Tom Mark, David Cook, Robert Musso and
            Billy Youdelman
          Assisted by Wes Naprstek, Steve McLoughlin and John Yates
          Mixed by “Iron” Mike Krowiak at RPM Studios
          Assisted by Jeff Lippay
          Produced and arranged by Anton Fier
          Executive Producer: Tony Meilandt
          Project Coordinator: Sarah Auld
          Mastered by Howie Weinberg
Anton Fier: drums; Bill Laswell: bass; Nicky Skopelitis: 6 & 12 string electric guitars, acoustic guitar; Richard Thompson: guitar; Amanda Kramer: background vocals, keyboards; Bob Mould: vocals, guitar.

          1991 - Nation/Charisma (USA), PRCD 081 (Promo CD)


[...]"Dying from the inside out." Being a huge Husker fan as well as a fan of Mr. Mould the song was always the first one I skipped to when playing this disc. I once heard a critic (and I paraphrase here) describing this song as "like listening to a man being boiling alive in oil" and with this I agree. Cathartic in the extreme, and WAY out of place on an otherwise placid album, however... The song itself was the only reason I picked up the album....[...]

(edited from a slightly longer album review - Silent Dave)

M. Clinton (courtesy of website)