1/  Omaha                                      (Skip Spence)                 3.08
  2/  I.D. (Like A Version)                      (Fier,Lindsay)                4.07

          Track 1 recorded at Radio City Music Hall Studio, New York
          Track 2 recorded at Radio City Music Hall Studio and OAO Studio, New
            York, 1983
          Track 1 engineered by Rob Stevens and Robert Musso
          Assistant: Hahn Rowe
          Track 2 engineered by Don Hunerberg
          Assistant: Mike Krowiak
          Track 1 mixed by Dave Jerden
          Track 2 mixed by Martin Bisi
          Track 1 produced by Anton Fier
          Track 2 produced by Bill Laswell and Anton Fier
Anton Fier: drums, percussion; Arto Lindsay (2): guitar, vocals; Fred Frith (2): guitar; Nicky Skopelitis (2): guitar; Bill Laswell : bass; John Zorn (2): alto, clarinet, game calls; Derek Stovesand (2): intro/outro; Henry Kaiser (1): guitar; Chris Stamey (1): guitar, backing vocals, piano; Michael Stipe (1): vocals.

          1985 - Celluloid (USA), SCEL 56 (7")